LG-LCD 42" T.V. Washed Out Picture----Bad Picture Quality - LGHDTV

This complaint is addressed to the Manager of the Wal-Mart on Sanderson Ave. in Hemet, Ca. I have a complaint about your customer service manager, which makes this even more disturbing...my husband and I purchashed this T.V. from you last night Oct. 21st 2012 and returned it the next morning because of reasons stated...bad picture quality, especially after paying almost $600 Marle, I believe, is your CSM, she was the only one working at 11:00 a.m. in customer service on Oct. 22nd when we returned the item the next morning, the first thing she asked my husband and I is how we TRANSPORTED the T.V. we told her we had a truck and it went in the back layed down flat...she proceeded to tell us that that is what happened to the T.V....INSINUATING we had damaged it because of the crystals inside...well Mr. Manager, you need to give your CSM an electronics course, after you give her a course on customer service because that ONLY applys to PLASMA T.V.s and I also told her that the associate who sold us the T.V. DID NOT give us TRANSPORT INSTRUCTIONS...bottom line you DON'T go around ACCUSING your customers of damaging merchandise...BAD BUSINESS...I NOW own a new and beautiful T.V. from BEST BUY which was transported in the same truck with WOW....NO PROBLEMS...and you have lost me as a customer...a $600.00 a mo. grocery customer and I am pulling all my perscriptions also, I will be shopping at the San Jacinto store from now on...so see Marle Customer Service DOES MATTER

Offender: Wal-Mart
Country: USA   State: All USA

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