American Dream Limousine Services

Where do I start? Without having read the othe reports already written about this company I will add mine to hopefully support what others have already said about this pathetic company. Tonight was to be the start of my Daughter's journey into independence and womanhood. A few of her friends decided to rent a limo together from the prom site to a restaurant and back to the prom site. But before they could even leave the parking lot, the pathetic little driver was very rude and disrepectful to the young ladies. The Girls were simply taking pictures beside the limo when the driver told them in a very nasty tone to stay off the car. The girls actually did not want to touch the car as the limo was RAGEDY,DIRTY, PEELING TINT and overall disgusting. So while waiting for the parents to get their final photos, the girls went to the other side of the limo where they would be out of the sunlight. As they were lining up again for the final pose, the driver CURSES, then tells the girls get off the car.

While I was standing a few feet away from the car and driver, I politely explained to him that they didnt know they were touching the car and that he didn't have to use that tone with them. The driver then starts to loudly throw a tantrum and start saying that he didnt need a lecture from me. Remaining calm I told him that he simply didnt have to talk to the girls the way he was. He then gets in his car and threatens to leave. The other parents that were there begged him to not leave because its the girls prom he reluctantly stays. I immediatley took a picture of his license plate and called the company. Of course a simple answering machine comes on. It sounds as if the driver is the same person on the answering machine but I leave two messages telling them that the driver actions was unacceptable and that I would be report them to the BBB.

As a Father of one of the young ladies in the limo, I was not going to allow and accept a man to disrespect her in front of me. Knowing a few of the other young ladies as well, I'm sure that their parents who werent there wouldnt have allowed it either. Whatever you do, please DO NOT use this company. The limo was dirty, had bald tires, the tint was peeling and just overall discusting. I took photos and wish that I could post them for you to see.

Offender: American Dream Limousine Services
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 7039227600

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