Bucklerunner.com on ebay: toyhaulermike2010, toyhaulerenterprizes Lies about shipping status, does not send product or refund money. Terrible customer service milton

So you thinking of buying from Bucklerunner.com or toyhaulermike2010 on ebay? Here's what you have to look forward to: first off, the have a D rating with the Better Business Bureau ( BBB listing ),
2nd, here's a timeline of my latest purchase:
April 12th, place order, pay in full via paypal (invoice #0000014639).
April 16 (with no other notifications of payment, etc) get a "your order has shipped". But upon checking, it just shows a label was printed, NOT sent out to post office (9101785091401655431048 at usps.com).
April 19th- after noticing the tracking hasn't changed, I place the first of several emails (3 to be precise).
No reply.
April 21 - another email, another non-reply
April 23 - same action, same result.
April 25 tried calling, asked if the order shipped, or if its still on hold. Am told they are busy, and whatever the post office says is what it is (for the record, post office STILL saying no package received)(this would be Stella Magee, the owners wife)
April 25 - open claim on paypal for item not received, try one last email....guess the results.
April 26th. After reading that "mike (magee)" runs the ebay shop, I think to check there...possibly their internet has been down a week? Nope, current auctions....So I log into my buying id on ebay, and under one of mikes auctions I post a question. And after not getting a single reply all this time, he answers within a few minutes! Guess the prospect of fresh meat?
Here is the postings back and forth. You decide....are these the folks you want to buy from? My fellow Vets, go somewhere else where they APPRECIATE you as a customer.

Bold is mine, italic his.

From: xxxxxx
To: toyhaulermike2010
Subject: Shipping:xxxxxxx sent a message about DIY Paracord Survival Bracelet Kit ~ Turquoise Camo #270888033425
Sent Date: Apr-26-12 06:42:51 PDT

Dear toyhaulermike2010,
how soon after payment do you ship?

Dear xxxxxx [keep in mind, he doesnt know I've already purchased]
Hi There,
Shipping labels are created every morning at 6am and the package sent the same day.
Have a great day! - toyhaulermike2010

To: toyhaulermike2010
Subject: Re: Shipping: xxxxxx sent a message about DIY Paracord Survival Bracelet Kit ~ Turquoise Camo #270888033425 Sent Date: Apr-26-12 06:48:12 PDT

Dear toyhaulermike2010,
ok, what about 9101785091401655431048 then? No one will tell me why it wasn't brought to the post office?

Dear X
Hi There,
I am afraid you will have to be a bit more specific, I do not show a sale to you in April for that of any other item, nor do I show that as being a tracking number for a Bracelet Kit? Have a great day! - toyhaulermike2010

Sent Date: Apr-26-12 07:01:38 PDT
Dear toyhaulermike2010,
That would be an order thru bucklerunner, who lists you as one of their sales. Purchased 4/12, label created 4/16, then nothing. No emails answered, stella gets pissy on phone and hangs up.
Invoice 14639.

Dear X
Hmmmm, The only time my WIFE gets "PISSY" are when people behave in a rude manner.
Can't help ya buddy, you best bet is to behave like a Gentleman - toyhaulermike2010

Dear toyhaulermike2010,

Actually gent, I can show you the three emails in which I was VERY polite. People tend to get pissy when the person on the phone is pissy about orders that are paid for, but unfulfilled. I just looked at your bb & fb site, Looks like several dozen had the same prob there chap....your WIFE needs people skill.
Dont need your help, I'll just contact my credit card, and let everyone on fb know how you guys do business.
Best bet is to act like a man of honor, and uphold your end (or her) end of the business deal.

xx no reply xx

Dear toyhaulermike2010,

Also, you still haven't addressed the initial problem that started all this...why is something I paid for in April 12th, still not shipped or my money refunded? Love how your website states you "bend over backwards for the customer" But all I have is several unanswered emails, a rude phone call (and there's a dozen complaints about that, so it aint just me).

So are you a man of his word, or just out to shyster money? Act indignant all you want, ut the bottom line is this: I paid for a product, and did not get it. I asked for a status, the refunds, no replies. This is how you run a business? Ill be glad to post all this up on your facebook page, tracking & invoice numbers, and the emails to back it, and let the general readership decide.....I'll give it till dinnertime...14 days has been plenty long enough to wait.

Ball is in your court mike. Want to show that all the stories on a google serach of yer name it true? Or do you stand up to the claim that "we bend over backwards for our customer"? I have yet to even see a head tilt.

As of today (April 27th), I have received no further answers from Mike Magee, product is no closer to shipping, nor has my money been refunded.

Their facebook page lists this:
At www.bucklerunner.com we offer good stuff cheap. We are a family owned and operated company since July of 2010. Mike or toyhaulermike2010 as we are known on ebay is our master. We bow to his great wisdom. Stella is our resident coordinator. She makes sure all business runs smoothly. Diana is our sales manager and customer service guru. She makes sure our customers continue to be happy and wowed. Rodney is our shipping supervisor and husband to Diana. He makes sure all of your packages arrive intact and on time.

Definition of Fraudulent
1.)Obtained, done by, or involving deception, esp. criminal deception: "the fraudulent copying of American software"
2.)Unjustifiably claiming or being credited with particular accomplishments or qualities.
Synonyms:deceitful - dishonest - deceptive
Sounds like that fits.

Out of the four, no one will phone or email back. Mike cowered after realizing he was dealing with someone they've already burned, no a fresh rube.

I'll keep this post updated as I hear back, though I doubt I'll hear anything.

Offender: Www.bucklerunner.com
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 8138 N Vickerman Rd Milton, WI 53563
Phone: 16085634209
Site: www.bucklerunner.com

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