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Online, it said that it would only cost me $14 for a locksmith, because my friend locked my keys in my car late at night. We were at a gas station, and I googled it on my phone. We called the number, they didn't mention a price at all, so I thought it was only going to be the $14 that was advertised online. The guy showed up after over an hour of waiting (fast service, YEAH RIGHT!), asked me a couple questions, and all he used was the slim jim to open my door. My keys were just on the passenger seat! He got it open in not even two minutes. Then, he asked for my debit card. Instead of swiping it, he put a paper over it and lightly shaded over it, getting the outline of it and the numbers on it. That was a little strange to me. But then, he calculated stuff on his phone, and called someone. He gave them the numbers on my card. They said it wasn't going through. I had $130 on my card at the time, so I was a little confused. So I asked, "how much are you charging me?!?", to which he replied, "$186". I flipped. I explained that it only said $14 online. Then, he told me that it was $14 DURING THE DAY. But that still didn't make sense to me. So, I made a deal to where he would take out $40 now, and the other $146 later. He threatened to call the cops if i didn't follow through. I was terrified and just agreed. Then, I got to my friend's house, and her grandmother was talking to me about all of this. We pulled out the yellow pages, and looked it up. It was one of the first pages under locksmith. IN BOLD AND IN A BUBBLE IT CLEARLY SAID "NO EXTRA CHARGES FOR NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS". I was livid. So, first thing we do was research. We looked at the receipt and started talking about the illegal work that was done. First of all, I saw some people say that they doubled the service charge after 8 pm. I'm sorry, but $45 ISN'T double of $14.... Yes, he charged me $45 JUST FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF COMING OUT. Then, just to open my car, he charged $125... JUST TO OPEN IT?!? Also, he charged $16 for tax. One problem with that. You can't charge tax on labor. Not unless I purchased a part or something. But I didn't. We even got conformation from the Federal Business Bureau. Then, we found out, he opened a verbal document with a minor. Yes, I am 16, and he knew it. That was one of the first questions he asked me. So, I feel like he took advantage of the fact that I'm young. Also, on the receipt, it says no phone number for the business, no name from the guy who did it, nor was there even the name of the business. So, my friend's grandma went to the bank with me and we got my card changed so they couldn't get access. Today, I was supposed to pay the $146. Someone called me today from a number I didn't recognize, saying that if I didn't pay, they'd hand it over to the police (which is what the previous guy threatened and we found out that the cops wouldn't get involved), and threatened me. I'm still scared, but we're going to continue fighting. If you also have had a problem with these guys, feel free to contact me. Or if you want to help. We need all of the examples we can get! Thanks.

Offender: 24/7 Locksmith
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Mesa
Phone: 4804224822
Site: www.localocksmiths.com

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