Claire A Shafer
Patience Bristol, Jared Shafer, Danica Csukor, Barry I Shafer Claire Shafer steals money from disabled seniors in Nevada

My Name is Tom and I had the misfortune of dating Patience Bristol after her divorce from Mike. During this time I met Claire A Shafer who is the wife of Jared E Shafer Nevadas most corrupt guardian. Claire Shafer in her attempt to recruit me into their business admitted she and Patience Bristol had a very lucrative business built upon Shafers guardian ship of seniors. I was shown records of property and bank statements amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars removed from senior accounts. Claire Shafer organizes the entire operation.

Activities included creating and structuring bank accounts, working with David Cabral their property expert, crafting documents to cover overbilling, and transferring controversial assets into offshore institutions. Claire Shafers house is filled with antiques and collectables, which she openly admits came from families who fought Jared Shafer. Claire Shafer and Patience Bristol wanted to hire me because I am a CPA and hold a law degree. The women wanted to create 4 bogus companies for the purpose of laundering money, which Claire Shafer and Patience Bristol had removed from properties and bank accounts of vulnerable seniors the Nevada Family court assigned to them for care. I will describe the purposes for these companies, which I refused to create in the following paragraphs.

The first company would dispose of rare collectables, which Shafer & Bristol found in the homes of their wards. The second company was created to assist them in transferring funds from these collectables off shore, which they didnt want the IRS to discover. The transactions were to be completed through the buying of NGA/National Guarantee Authentification grading service certified gold coins. The face amounts of these coins were to be declared with US. customs which exempts the coins from paying the true market value tax of the collectable. For example a $20 face amount gold piece is declared at $20 and not at the true value of $5,000. The coins were to be brought to a Canadian NGA dealer and sold at their true value minus transaction charges.

A third company was organized to wire transfer the money back into the country at a later time into bank accounts controlled by Claire A Shafer. The transaction amounts would be under $4,000 so the deposits would not trigger a transaction alert. In addition multiple accounts were to be created for further credit instructions preceding the routing numbers. The ladies directed these amounts to large banks to better mask these deposits. Finally a fourth corporation would work with David J. Cabral for the purpose of investing these gains into properties, which Claire Shafer felt would fulfill their investment goals. All of this activity was to be accomplished with money, which didnt belong to Shafer or Bristol.

I learned Claire Shafer had used Danica Csukor their daughter and Barry Shafer their son to hide senior properties and collectables from the courts. Patience continued her deceit by bragging about the fact the Shafer children were glad to help, but they were only aware of half of the properties and collectables, which had actually been placed into their names by Claire & Jared Shafer.

Patience was very proud of an expensive set of antique Wedgewood dishes Claire Shafer gave her, which she claimed a ward had given up because the poor woman had no family. I later discovered this to be another lie when I met with the lady who owned the dishes. Patience showed me evidence of Jared Shafers activities while sitting on the Clark County Board of Equalization where he manipulated property values to work against his wards. I will provide more information about specific properties in later reports.

The corruption in Clark County has advanced to the point where federal Marshalls will have to take complete control of this Nevada den of inequity.

My relationship with Patience and Claire Shafer has ended. Patience said if you cant help us, John Dawson will, hell just require more money. Informing authorities about what is going on in Clark County is the right thing to do. Complaints have been sent to the governmental agencies who are responsible for these types of crimes. Follow these reports to learn the governments reaction to my allegations.

Offender: Claire A Shafer
Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Las Vegas
Address: 3642 Rick Stratton Drive
Phone: 7024568283

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