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Dishnetwork fruad contract issues

I have never writen one of these before so sorry if I dont do this the propper way! I called dishnetwork and requested services wich the salesman made some promises and ashured me they would work with charter cable to add the internet and phone service, so when the installer came he said the workorder was not what me and the saleman had discussed the installer went on to tell me that it would be a hundred dollar upgrade fee wich I wouldnt agree on so he left, I made a phone call to a customer service rep she said she would see what she could do and with shock she waived the $99 upgrade so kudos to her, so she sceduled the installers to come the next day, when the installer arived it was all good so he installed the service no on talking to me about the internet or phone service but by coincedence charter called to confirm and install so I figured they had set up the appointment seeings they would be billing me as the saleman described, the installer did not make my system complete he failed to put a usb wi-fi adapter on one of my box's wich made them two tv's not 100% usable so they returned this morning and added the adapter so when he left I called charter to schedule the appointment wich turned out to have nothing at all with dishnetwork I brought up what the saleman had ussered me about my internet/phone service she laughed and said there is no partnership by no means and told me I should really revisit my contract wich I wasnt really given a contract on paper so I called the customer service rep at dishnetwork I told her my concern and asked them to come get the equipment I had been lied to enough she continues to tell me that Id be charged over $400 dollar early termination fee so I explained to her that my service hadnt even been fullly installed but maybe 2-3 hours before calling her she said to bad your on the hook for this so I asked to speak to her superior wich she transfered me to a susan720-514-8555 x 72727 she got on the line and was very polite to start with and got real nasty when I told her what all this saleman promised me she said theres noway they would cancel my service without the termination fee I said there was recording so then she said well there is a committee that could look at it and it could be dropped but I wont know for 2-3 weeks and to just keep the service running I kinda feel worried I dont think I should be charge $400 for being lied to he promised a savings of $70 a month well if I keep there service and I have to pay charter Im almost the exact same ammount wich I was looking to lower if anyone can help me or give me solid adviced please do still havent got to look at there contract
thanks in advance for any help offered I greatly appreciate it!

Offender: Dish network
Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: Englewood
Address: 9601 S. Meridian Blvd

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