Big Schott Management, Metairie, LA

Please don't fall for the phony Craigslist advertisement for entry level
managers for this company. When I called for an interview, I was told
to come in immediately (actually told to come in 5 minutes before I even
placed the call!). I went in the next morning to a strange
environment. There was very loud music blaring in the small waiting
area. I filled out a very brief application which I thought was
strange. I met with the manager who explained I would be an independent
contractor selling knock-off perfume from the trunk of my car.

When I mentioned I couldn't find his company on the internet (I had the
wrong spelling), he told me to ignore all of the bad stuff on the
internet and that this was a valid business. He showed me the computer
generated names badges given to their "partners" because the police had
visited him about people being concerned that their employees could
appear to be car jackers. He explained that what they were doing is
totally legal, and that he has a lawyer on retainer. From what I've
read online, that must be one busy lawyer.

The main problem I have with this whole scam is their FALSE ADVERTISING
on Craigslist. I'm busy, and I resent taking the time to "dress to
impress" and drive to Metairie for a non-existent job interview. It's a
shame that the Better Business Bureau lists them with "No Rating"
despite 7 complaints (although the complaints have been answered by
BSM). One of the BBB's criteria for ratings is for false advertising,
and I think their ad in Craigslist qualifies as false advertising.

In this economy, do we really need people like this preying on desperate
job-seeking people? The lesson learned is to ALWAYS do your research
before an interview. A company (with 75 offices nationwide) that
doesn't have a website is a red flag!

Offender: Big Schott Management, Metairie, LA
Country: USA   State: Louisiana   City: Metairie
Address: 4617 Sanford St, Metairie, LA 70006
Phone: 5044565995?

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