Fired me for my performance, but won't pay me for the hours worked!!!

I just wanted to say that I worked for this company for about 2 months, I didn't really get on that much , but when I did I was working as a guide, I would work for about 2 to three hours at a time, they actually only pay 2 cents a question, and I maid all together 80.00 dollars before they fired me due to not being on there enough, I printed out all my quality reports and after each question I answered there was always a good 100% mark showing, so they can't say my questions were being answered wrong, However I tried to log in one day and it would not allow me to get into my profile, so I emailed them, I got an email back the same day by a rude lady who had no nettiquette at all telling me I was permanently terminated because of my quantity of work, This is all fine, however, when I emailed back that I wanted my money, since I did work hours to make it, they have never emailed me back, I emailed 4 times all together and still no reply!!I am super pissed, that they can do this to people and get away with it, and if I was rich, I would own they company!!!!I intend to tell the world about them, I will blog, Use my facebook and any other means to do so , until I get my 80.00 dollars, It may not seem like much, but imagine 2 cents a question, I was on there hours!!!!!I do have direct deposit, and if they try to say that it doesn't work , then there full of it because my school checks get deposited on there all the time.
If anyone knows of a good work at home job, that doesn't rip you off please let me know.

Offender: Chacha
Country: USA   State: All USA

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