Liberty Credit law
David Goldberg of Liberty Credit Law is a con artist and Criminal

Liberty Credit Law of Fort Lee New Jersey is Conning innocent people out of their money and are breaking the law. One of the partners of Liberty is a con artist named David Goldberg. It is known in the company that David is a 50/50 partner with Bruce but david is not even an attorney. It is illegal for a non attorney to be partners in a law firm. What david and Bruce are doing is illegal and they are doing a fraud. David belongs in jail.

The firm is filled with telemarketing sales people that get commissions based on their sales. But they tell everyone they are paralegals or legal assistants. Another lie another Con.Everyone at the company knows this is a lie and they are just sales people. Another Con david is telling everyone to lie. they also tell the staff to lie to the clients about the loan mods and what can be done. they have a software which makes it seem like the client will get a crazy low rate. Thats how they con the clients to sign up. These guys are Criminals.

They charge these helpless homeowners a high cost because of the diception. This company is a fraud and David and Bruce and doing a Con. David not even a lawyer and everyone knows he is partners with Bruce. he even bragged how he has been partners with Bruce for 10 years. David belongs in Jail and Bruce should lose his license. David is the biggest con artist, lair, deceptive, theif I have ever met. i hope they get raided by the police and David goes to jail. Dont believe a word David tells you as he is a liar and a thief. He robs from poor people losing their homes.

Offender: Liberty Credit law
Country: USA   State: New Jersey   City: Fort lee
Address: 200 fletcher ave 5th fl

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