Direct Buy
Total scam!

I have posted this message to every website to warn people of this terrible business practice. I have been a member with Direct buy for a year and its been HORRIBLE! A year ago when we bought our first house we stumble upon the direct buy tv commercial. Since estimated completion of the house will take about 3 months, me and wife decided to attend the presentation with the hope we can get savings for the cost of the furniture. Sadly we submitted to the idle threats of the sales person that we wont be able to join if we will not make a decision at that time. That is the worst mistake that we did. We basically donate the $4,500 to them.

They told me that I can order online but I found out that feature is very limited. You have to go to their warehouse to order and browse at their very confusing catalogs. Prepare to spend at least 2 hours when you order. Their actual prices are reasonable but you will lose the savings once they add the handling fee plus the shipping. Then you will really lose out because you have to rent a u haul to transport from their warehouse to your house. In my case I have to pay extra $300 for the u haul plus my time to get the furniture. I could have gotten a much better deal if I have purchased it from a local furniture store.

The most painful of all is the house was finished, we have our house warming, we still did not get our furniture. We did join 3 months before the house is finish because we figured it out that it will be the normal lead time when you order furniture. It took them SIX MONTHS! 3 months late.


1. $4,500 membership fee

2. Very limited online ordering.

You have to go to the warehouse to order with very confusing catalogs and prepare to spend at least 2 hrs.

3. Exorbitant shipping & handling fee

4. Rent a Uhaul plus use your own time.

5. 3 months late

Their excuse is they don't have any control with the manufacturer. Well I guess this the service you can get from them with $4,500 membership fee. Its been 6 months since I order from them and I thought maybe I will give them another chance. My wife is pregnant so we order a crib through direct buy. Our nursery is complete except for that crib. At this time its been 2 weeks late and my latest conversation with them they told me that the manufacturer said that they are waiting for a part which will arrive at January 08. These guys are nuts! They actually think that it is okay for me to wait that long! I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

To all of you out there, beware of this company. You will lose your money, you will not get the savings and you get a lot of headaches and stress.


elk grove, California


Offender: Direct Buy
Country: USA   State: California   City: Sacramento

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