Don's Family Pharmacy - Phoenix Pharmacy
Ripoff sales expired medicine to customers and is dishonest to employees

I used to work for these pharmacies. They are owned by the same corrupt families. They don't care about the customers and their needs. They will sell expired medicine to these customers (let me remind you that depending on the medicine, this could be fatal and harmful)just to make a buck. As medicine expires it loses it potency in the end means that you are not getting what you pay for. Isn't that why the FDA requires drug companies to give them expiration dates? They overcharge self-pay customers. I have seen them fraudulently charge medicaid. (Bill medicaid for one thing and give the customer something else). They also do not like members of the military or the black community. I have seen first hand discrimination. There pharmacy is unsanitary surrounded by mouse droppings, mold, mildew. There is state documentation of the expired drug bit.

These pharmacies let untrained, uneducated, and rude pharmacists work behind there counters. They cheat their employees out of their pay by not paying them over time, not giving them lunch breaks, and just plainly changing the hours they worked and do not pay them for it. I have had items thrown at me. I have been pushed and shoved. I have had the phone yanked from my hand while helping a customer. I have alson gotten in trouble for following state and federal rules when it comes to serving the public and dealing with medication. They steal from their own business and blame it on the employees.

This pharmacy is out to just make a buck. Do not shop there you can not be guranteed the quality of the merchandise you will be buying, most definately not the medicine. Do not look for a job here. They will lie to you. I was put in debt because of this pharmacy. They promised me one thing and as soon as I was hired it was something else. I was also fired because they were afraid that I would turn them in. If you are a drug dealer and want to buy drugs from a pharmacy without the monitoring of your pharmacist, bring Don's any prescription from any Dr. and he will fill it. Talk about drug trafficing.

Offender: Don's Family Pharmacy - Phoenix Pharmacy
Country: USA   State: Louisiana   City: Leesville
Address: 1780 S. 5 Th St., 101 N. 3rd. St.
Phone: 3372394249

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