Bernard Haldane Associates

Bernard Haldane Associates has been busted again for deceiving consumers. The Illinois Attorney General is now investigating their illegal business practices, just after the Kansas Attorney General fined the scum bags $400,000 for fraud.

Several other states are close to launching their own investigation of these crooks. I really hope the Illinois Attorney General puts them out of business for causing so much harm to innocent, vulnerable consumers across the country. Taking advantage of desperate, unemployed people has to be the lowest, most disgusting thing a company can do.

It is very important to report your bad experience with Bernard Haldane to your states Attorney General so that this company can be stopped from victimizing more people.

Victims in Illinois should inform the Illinois Attorney General's office and file a complaint by calling:
1-800-386-5438 or 312-814-3580

I have included a recent article from CBS about Bernard Haldanes deception.

A CBS 2 investigation has spurred action from the Illinois Attorney General tonight. Earlier this week, Pam Zekman looked into the sales practices of one of the country largest career-counseling firms, Bernard Haldane and Associates. They have offices in Chicago, Oakbrook and Rolling Meadows.

Former clients told us they paid thousands of dollars in fees because they believed the sales pitch made by Haldane salesmen.

"They promise things they cannot and do not deliver" Christine Stritzel told us.

Like a website with job openings exclusive to Haldane and guarantees that clients will get jobs.

Without admitting any guilt Haldane has agreed to stop using similar misleading claims in four other states, but these consent decrees the company signed have no effect here.

Last year for example, the Kansas Attorney General charged that Haldane "told clients they had access to a hidden job market...when this was not true."

But Haldane salesman Gary Herstein made the same claim when we sent CBS 2s Executive Producer, Scott Keenan undercover as a potential client. "(The) hidden job market was something that he advertised. That they had 55,000 active jobs."

Now, in response to our investigation, Pat Kelly, the consumer protection chief for the Illinois Attorney General says if similar violations of the consumer fraud act are found here, "we would be getting an injunction to change practices, stop them all together to do whatever is appropriate to stop the deception."

A spokeswoman for Haldane says the company will cooperate fully with any investigation and expects a positive outcome. The company has denied that salesmen guarantee jobs to clients, and says it has helped thousands of people in the Chicago area.

If you want to file a complaint against Bernard Haldane contact the Illinois Attorney General's office at 312-814-3580.

Chicago, Illinois

Offender: Bernard Haldane Associates
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Chicago
Address: 980 N. Michigan Ave. Ste 1400
Phone: 3122144920

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