Regis Hairstylists
Ripoff Bad Hairstylists Rip off Don't know what they're doing Mess your hair up

I don't know what the deal is with Regis Hairstylists but do these people have any idea what they're doing?? Almost everytime I've gone to that horrendous place they screw my hair up. They don't cut it right and mess it up.

I'm wondering if these people are even trained stylists because it's odd that none of the females EVER cut hair right and ruin people's hair all the time. I don't think these people are trained or they just don't care. The only people who seemingly do an alright job at this salon are the males. I just went to a salon and had a haircut by the MASTER STYLIST. You would think that at least the master stylist would do a good job.. wrong. She did an absolutely horrible job. I didn't think it was possible to make my hair look worse than it already did, but she managed to do it very easily. My hair looks ridiculous now-- all she did was cut it shorter and make it look really messy.

My little cousin could have done a better job by just trimming it but this PROFESSIONALLY trained hairstylist at regis (and don't forget.. MASTER stylist) did nothing short of a terrible job. What is wrong with this company?? Do the females who work at regis just have NO IDEA how to cut people's hair? Might as well go to an 11.00 hair cut place because even they give better haircuts than this stupid ripoff so-called salon. Regis... You better retrain your employees or learn what it means to go out of business because your salon is by far the WORST 23.00 a haircut salon in the nation!

Offender: Regis Hairstylists
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Port St Lucie

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