Your Local Locksmith
Atlanta Locksmith Online / (770) 380-2375 Charged for Breaking and Entering

On Thursday, June 21st, a service call was placed to Your Local Locksmith based on a referral from AAA. The request was to unlock a house door. At the time the call was placed, it was explained that there would be a $25 charge for the trip. No additional information was provided, except that there would also be a labor charge. Once the technician arrived a full hour after the call was placed, it was explained that there would be an hourly charge of $68. It was further explained that the door could be opened one of three ways - that the easiest method would be attempted first - and that the work needed to be started as soon as possible in order to NOT incur the full $68 charge. Within nine minutes and 58 seconds the door was opened. The bill, based on the information provided by the technician, should have been $36.34 ($25 plus $11.34 - the prorated portion of the $68 per hour). A bill was originally presented for $170. When asked why the bill was so much, it was explained that the first option, if successful, would have cost $35, but the second method, which actually opened the door, cost $145. Never before service was rendered were these two amounts disclosed. It was only AFTER the door was opened and the bill was written that the amount of each option was explained. Additionally, the prorated hourly labor charge was not accounted for anywhere on the bill. The technician did make a phone call, and ultimately reduced the bill by $15, which brought the amount billed to $155.

A phone call was placed to Your Local Locksmith on Sunday, June 24th, where the above situation was fully described. It was explained that a supervisor would be returning the call on Monday, June 25th. On Monday, July 9th, another call was made to Your Local Locksmith, re-explaining the situation. Neither phone call was returned. A third call was made later on July 9th, where it was explained that an email needed to be submitted for a supervisor to respond to this request. To date, no response has been made by (either) Your Local Locksmith (or Atlanta Locksmith Online) to any of my attempts for resolution or to the Better Business Bureau. This site was recommended today, which is why I am filing this report.

The consistently unanswered issues that have been repeatedly explained regarding Your Local Locksmith is that proper information was not provided PRIOR to services rendered. If it had been explained that there were different costs associated with different methods for opening the door, then an informed decision could have been made about whether or not to allow the technician to proceed.

Offender: Your Local Locksmith
Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Atlanta
Phone: 7708727919

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