Audition america/josh

on 12/13/12 my son and myself took my granddaughter to the mall to audition where we thought a real audition was going to happen. after buying a new outfit,doing hair and nails, we arrived with a very excited little girl. we sat through loud music and a speech on how others made it in the business. As the show went on all the talking went so fast even the video we were told an agent was grading the children as they walked across the stage. there were about 15 to 20 children , we were then told if our name was called go to the side of the stage, as our name was called we were all excited we then noticed all the children were called. we were given our score sheet and another speech on how they wanted to take pictures put them on a cd and then on the computer all for around 300.00 with the 1st payment due right then. so as we waited our turn we had questions, when we talked to Josh the rep that was there he said they had an A rating with with the BBB and showed us a faded paper, when we asked to talk privately Josh refused to leavs us alone saying he already wasted 25 min. on us and he had to hurry up and finish others. I went to the atm withdrew 100.00 an gave it to my son who gave it to Josh, Josh then escourted us to a table where he gave us a book a registration form a backpack and a shirt (adult medium,my granddaughter is a size 4 toddler, we were told to come back sat bring to outfits and 99.00 more. We then left talking and thinking all the time. On saturday my granddaughter her mom and i went back to the mall speeking to josh asking for our money back he asked why, i said we looked on the internet to find there was complaints with the BBB he said we were unable to get a refund and out of 3 years nobody has ever won a case, i have filed with the BBB and waiting for a response.

Offender: Audition america/josh
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 2590 B E. sunrise bl.
Phone: 3052903767

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