Rent A Center (RAC) Waianae, Hi.
Rent A Center ,RAC, Waianae, Hawaii. Unsanitary!

You should know:

RAC Waianae, does not take measures to (sanitized/disinfect) any of it's furniture before the next sale/rental/delivery. The most we do is wipe the dust/dirt from appliances and hardwood, but when it comes to fabric items such as couches/chairs/mattresses, we basically just dust them off by hand or give it a quick vacuum.

If a customer should call and complain about finding bed bugs in the merchandise they receive from RAC Waianae, all representatives have been trained to deny any possibility of having gotten them from RAC Waianae. As a matter of fact, we have been trained by our store manager, to insist that the customer already had bed bugs in their home, which must have then transferred to the merchandise. We are instructed to forward all calls/concerns regarding bed bugs to our store manager (who is very manipulative), will ultimately persuade the customer into accepting responsibility for having bed bugs!

Before you decide to rent or purchase any furniture from RAC Waianae, ask if the merchandise has been (sanitized/disinfected), not cleaned but (sanitized/disinfected)! Ask to see what chemicals if any had been used. Ask to see the actual purchased product with printed label not some concoction mixed in a bottle. At the very least, ask the rep to demonstrate (sanitation/disinfection process)After all it is for your health and your right!

Many customers ask if they can remove the plastic sheeting from the mattresses we deliver and we tell them it shouldn't be removed but "what we don't know won't hurt us!"

I guess it's become an RAC mentality so take this to heart if you are or are considering becoming a patron of RAC Waianae..."what you don't know, won't hurt you!"

Offender: Rent A Center (RAC) Waianae, Hi.
Country: USA   State: Hawaii   City: Waianae
Address: 86-078 FARRINGTON HWY. Ste. 105
Phone: 6967368

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