Harry Nelson of Fenton Nelson LLP
Harry Nelson and the disastrous financial consequences from his misrepresentations

We are an Elderly adult day health care center who were victimized when we hired Harry Nelson of Fenton Nelson LLP, a law firm who falsely misrepresented his experience causing extensive damage to us.

In the initial meeting between Harry Nelson and us, Harry Nelson advised us to set up a preliminary meeting with the state representatives in Sacramento. He assured us that is what would be required to have our issue resolved. He also said that we have the most defendable case he ever had and he falsely represented that he has extensive experience in dealing with our specific problem. In actuality he had zero experience in dealing with that specific problem.

We hired Harry Nelson for $5,000.00 to represent us at the preliminary meeting with the state representatives. He assured us that is what it would cost to accomplish our goal and we would have further discussion if any additional work and fees would be required.

At the meeting with the state, Harry Nelson was not prepared, completely misrepresented us by not having the right facts or names, and acted unprofessionally by arguing with the state doctor presenting the wrong facts. Our issues were not resolved at this meeting.

This misrepresentation caused us to close down resulting in disastrous financial consequences in over a million dollars.

After that we fired Harry Nelson and hired a consultant who informed us that all the things that Harry Nelson had done were incorrect and that the meeting was not even necessary and the discussion with the state could taken place over the phone. With the advice of the consultant all the original problems as well as the additional problems that Harry Nelson caused which were much more extensive that the original problem were resolved.

The consultant informed us that the additional problems that Harry Nelson caused when he began arguing with the State representative would only lead to a stale mate. The consultant also had informed us that if Harry Nelson had the experience he claimed he had, Harry Nelson would have known that he shouldve tried to reach a settlement agreement as opposed to arguing the issue with the state which just wasted time and money.

As a direct result of Harry Nelsons misrepresentations and the subsequent financial hardship that we endured, we were not in a position to defend ourselves from Harry Nelsons law suit against us for an additional fee resulting from nowhere.

It is our strong belief that it is unethical for an attorney to be allowed to misrepresent their expertise and cause such extensive damage to their client.

It is also unethical for an attorney to charge fees for a service which was never rendered.

His lack of expertise is still costing to this very day and some sort of compensation is in order, the lease of which is a judgment of $10,622.51 not only that but punitive measures for Harry Nelsons actions.

Offender: Harry Nelson of Fenton Nelson LLP
Country: USA   State: California   City: Los Angeles
Address: 11835 West Olympic Boulevard
Phone: 3104445244
Site: www.fentonnelson.com

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