AVL Moving Systems
False sales promise, broke my piano and rejected to reimburse, neglected my claim for over 6 months

Complaint Detail

I am writing to file a complaint against AVL Moving Systems (DBA, owned by Suraj Viswanathan from Ram Moving Corp) on the following three things:

1. Faulty sales promise - they promised they could move piano

2. Poor moving services they fell my piano to the ground

3. After 6 months, they still neglected my claim for reimbursement

AVL Moving Systems gave faulty promise during sales call that they could move piano, but ended up that on the moving day (June 25, 2012), the movers had no experiences moving piano, nor they had proper tools for moving piano, and they didnt even know they had a piano to move!

The movers placed my piano only on a small and unstable four-wheel cart. Despite our frequent reminder of careful handling, they still left my piano unattended by the curbside, ended up the piano falling forward to the ground. The piano was seriously damaged inside and outside.

I notified AVL Moving Systems and filed a claim right away. Their sales person Jeff Olson let Claim Adjusting Firm handle the settlement and asked me to just deal with them. However, AVL Moving Systems never sent me the final signed moving contract, which is the most important document for the claim filing. I asked Jeff Olson for over 10 times by phone and email, he completely neglected all my requests.

Claim Adjusting Firm said they could get the moving contract from AVL Moving Systems themselves, and the settlement process would took them 15-120 days to settle this case. From July to Nov, I checked with them regularly for updates, and they didnt have any progress. At mid Nov, Claim Adjusting Firm told me they no longer worked with AVL Moving Systems anymore! I waited for five whole months for no results and progress on my claim!

I then immediately sent Jeff Olson at AVL Moving Systems a notice to push them to settle my case and reimburse my loss by Nov 30, or I would take action against them. THEY STILL IGNORED MY REQUEST!

I filed complaints against them at Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Public Utility Commission (PUC) on Jan 4, 2013. They finally sent the moving contract to PUC. But they argued that they could only reimburse $0.60/lb based on the signed contract. This is totally unfair and dishonest. I cannot accept such reimbursement for a broken piano. I am taking every action to pursue my reimbursement and complain against them!

Offender: AVL Moving Systems
Country: USA   State: California   City: Santa Clara
Address: 2953 Bunker Hill Lane, Suite 400
Phone: 4086069107
Site: www.avlmoving.com

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