Jones express
Jones motor group put on good act but thats all it is don't fall for it

I started with Jones Express back in nov. of 2012. I only went to work there after talking to David the Recruiter several times. He gave me all the right answers. So this is how it starts off, I go in on percentage at that time I was told 72% plus all fuel surcharge. This is how they figure their surcharge: First you book the load, after agreeing on the rate, they then take out the fuel surcharge from your line rate, so now your line rate is less agreed on. Example, you take a load for $1.85 mile, you then subtract fuel surcharge, let's say it's $.60 now your line rate with Jones is $1.25 a mile. Okay, so forgive me if I'm wrong, but I thought fuel surcharge is added onto the line rate, not taken off the line rate.

So then I decided % is not working because I could not make enough to make my bills. For one thing you get the miles the broker gives you and Jones figures the miles much less, which means fuel surcharge is much less. So I talked to Bubba and David my dispatch about this, they suggested I go milage instead. "All our guys on miles are doing great", this is not so. When you go to pick up trailers at Harbor Freight which is their big client, you find out fuel surcharge is less than everyone else also you redo your log because they send you there after you have been driving and your 14 hour clock has started, knowing their loads do not come out until night, no they don't pay you to sit there 8 or 9 hours for this load.

When you pick up your trailer, it is often torn up or bad tires, lights not working, ABS not working etc. I'm sure, it's because some poor driver is just trying to make miles so they can pay their bills, and don't have the time to make sure the trailer is in good shape for the next driver. DOT should REALLY be looking at these guys. So that's their business practice, so what ever you do, find some place else to put your truck on, you will be money ahead. I had to dead head home 250 miles because my truck had a problem, took it to the shop. Found out what it would cost to fix, so I parked it. Because at Jones, rest assured, you will not make enough money to pay your bills, and your truck repairs. By the way when I went to work there, I had to bob-tail from Bubba's yard in Texas to El Paso to pick up my trailer. They paid me $300 for 580 miles. When I told them I was not coming back they sent a guy from Dallas to Albuquerque to pick up the trailer, they charged me $1002 for 640 miles. Funny how the rate goes up when it goes in their pockets. So I repeat Beware, they are pros at telling you what you need to hear to get you to sign on. I have been an owner operator for over 12 years, this the first time I've ever felt I needed to warn somebody about a company.

Offender: Jones express
Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Internet
Address: p.o box 137 spring city pa 19475
Phone: 18008256637
Site: jones motor

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