Retail Business Development RBD - VONAGE at Walmart Company
RBD Vonage DirecTv Retail Business Development Cory Rubin Manager WATCH OUT! These "Vonage" Guys are part of a scam ran by the "manager" - RIP OFF CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES!!! WALMART and FRY SAN DIEGO CORY RUBIN! San Diego County

This company isn't even the real Vonage company. When you see the vonage people at Walmart and Fry's they don't even work for them. I was employed by a company RBD and Cory Rubin, manager. We didnt even have an office, it was really shady. He would text and call at all hours. Basically, they do anything for a sale but its not the employees fault. They don't stay with this company very long and only know what the managers says so they don't know what they are doing with customers.

The "manager" tells the employees all kinds of crap to tell customers to get them to buy even referral credits and they can't even do that. Then the employees wonder why people call them complaining it never came. It happened to me. This is just a little bit of it and when you tell the manager, he finds a way to make you quit. With me, they just didn't give me my paycheck. It was right before Christmas and I have a new baby. I needed money for diapers. There was no reason for it. The check just didn't come in the mail.

It happened after I pointed out a couple things he was saying to customers which were wrong after I went on the Vonage website. When I showed him and told one of my coworkers that we needed to change what we were saying, he started messing with my schedule. I showed up twice to the schedule he set and then he called and said I had it wrong and missed the day before. I told him it was in my text messages from him because thats how he does schedules.

When he did this three times and made me miss three days and my check was missing, I told him I thought he was doing it on purpose and wanted our regional managers number for a transfer to a different area. That's when he stopped calling me back. I went over a month without a check even though I worked. When it finally came, he sent some new guy to hand it to me. The check was short by $450. All I have to say is Im glad I had another interview with a new company.

I dont know if the whole company is like this but watch out for this area and Cory Rubin. He lies to his employees and customers. BAD MANAGEMENT. LIAR AND RIP OFF.

Offender: Retail Business Development RBD - VONAGE at Walmart Company
Country: USA   State: Nationwide
Address: San Diego Florida Nationwide
Phone: 9512712882

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