Family Maintenance Enforcement
Family maintenance enforcement and the department of justice canada nothing but a name

let me start this story with some history, on december 2003 i called 911 to hqve my soon to ex husband to be remove from our hous for asaulting me after filing for divorce, he was placed on a no contaact order which he breached three times and I was told do you want him to go to jail or pay child support? I aid he should be in jail, he wwas released only to breach this order three times. long story shoirt he is 25,000 in areares, the FMEP has a lean on all his property, plus a divorce orded not to dispose of his assets, all have been broken, nothing been done, and in brief after I brought it to thier attention, I was told FMEP was a volentary program and I could withdraw at any time, I havee provided them with all lthe info they need to indight proicute and enforce but here I am a single mom with three kids 247 365 no support and frustrated with their ways, he still has a passport aq drivers licence and freedom. He has assaulted me mollested my kids (they have video at the victoria courthousse but refuse to prosicute because of the kids age and mental capasity at the time) and now I am actually being told to un enroll in the program if I don't like the way they handle thingss. He has dispossed of assets(stocks and rrsps) sold a truck they have a lien on and told me they would do nothing about it I have given them his current address, phone number, place of work, social insurance number ect and they have done nothing. they are an embarasment to the dept of justice and representation of divorce laws in canada.
All I am asking for is justice from the justice department.
I have emails and a friend in law enforcement to back up my story.
thanks for listening

Offender: Family Maintenance Enforcement
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 2502204040

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