SEVEN-7-SEVEN On Kasamba
Love and Soul Mate Readings On Keen, Sonia Belesis aka Syrmelina or Simeleta Belesis & many other FAKE ALIASES SHE'S TOTAL FRAUD! TOTAL SCAM ARTIST! Claims to be psychic at $7.99 to $18 a minute

Why do you keep changing your name on keen and live person? You are hiding from people you have ripped off. You are hiding from paying taxes? You have many complaints against you other names you have used and you don't want people to goggle and see the truth on how you have scammed people. You have used people's problems and misfortunates. You keep changing your pictures claiming all these women are you and none of them are you but you are asking people to trust you and give you money. You claim you are 42 and you are not. I think u are a low-caliber phoney. Ur scared that u'll be exposed? If u are 42 then I am Princess Di. U are an old woman, and why lie about it. You did not do psychic work in another country. You came here and you were broke and started doing this in 2007 again another lie. U've admitted to me many times that u were hard up for money so u had to pull this supernatural psychic gig. Now u are a life coach too? You taxes
are not paid and can be seen on line. Your doing BA is also changing because again you are hiding. Your post here is ridden with grammatical errors and you sound insane, overly defensive and incoherent. You attack people and have written horrible things to people that have called others. You have come across insane and not a person of God like you claim. God doesn't believe in psychics or putting down others. You are using people and taking there money claiming your are gifted from God.

People ask her things you can prove, the color of your hair, mother's name, details of your house or car. At $18 a minute she should know these answers. She can't answer them because she's a scam and is taking advantage of people that are in hope of hearing good news about break ups or that a hopeless love interest will be back and she'll take all your money to give you this false hope.

You need some sanity coaching urself. ! This women should be thrown off keen and LivePerson. The IRS is currently looking for her. It seems like you have ticked off quite a few people here with
your claims of being a "certified psychic" whatever that means and your holier than thou attitude and the FBI. You fail to realize that nobody is out to get you. Nobody cares. Sonia you are a FRAUD!

Offender: SEVEN-7-SEVEN On Kasamba
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: New York

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