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Sympatico Internet Charged for someone else's bill!

So in early October, I transferred a Bell account from another individual to myself. I was told at the time there was no balance owing on the account.

On October 27th at about 5PM, my internet ceased to work. Thinking it was a technical problem, I waited until the evening of the 28th to call Bell. I was told that I had called and requested the service be cancelled but that they could have it reconnected within 2 hours. Low and behold two hours later there was still no internet, so I called again. I was told a technician would have to come to my home to repair the service. I asked why a technician needed to come if they didn't need a technician to disconnect. I was transferred to another department. After waiting on hold for 45 minutes, I hung up and called back only to find that the department I was transferred to was closed for the night.

October 29th, I still had no internet service. I called again and was told it would be recconnected by midnight on the 30th. Woke up on the 30th at about 6AM and still had no internet. Called AGAIN and was told that the line card had to be created and it hadn't been ordered yet (??). Spent over 3 hrs on the phone being transferred from individual to individual. Internet was finally reconnected around dinner time on the 31st.

November 2nd, I arrived home to find a note from a Bell technician saying they had been to the house regarding the service call (which had supposedly been cancelled) and that there was in fact a problem with the line. It said they would send a lineman. I called Bell and told them not to because the internet was fine. Bell called me on the 5th to confirm I would be home for the lineman on the 6th. I told them I had cancelled it. On the 6th, I returned home to find a lineman in my backyard...

Skip forward to November 8th. I recieved a call from Bell Collections saying I owed a past due amount from September. I told them that I had not yet recieved a bill and should not owe anything from September as I only transferred the account in October. I was told the bill would arrive shortly.

November 13th, recieved TWO calls from Bell collections in the same day. Same conversation as on the 8th.

November 14th, recieved a call from Bell threatening to disconnect my service. Explained the situation again and was told that I had been given some spiel about transfer of responsibility when I transferred the account so now I owed the other person's bill. Caller then hung up.

I called Bell and asked for billing. I explained the previous call and was transferred to a supervisor. Supervisor hung up on me. I called again. This time I managed to get put through to an operations manager who said they will do an escalation and investigation but in the meantime, I need to pay the bill or they will disconnect the service. When I explained I have 2 special needs children and will contact a lawyer if they put my kids in danger, he said he wouldn't blame me one bit. Promised my phone will not be disconnected until the whole situation is figured out, so we shall see what happens from here.

I would like to remind everyone that I still haven't gotten a single bill from a company who now says I owe them for almost 3 months of service. This isn't the first time I've had trouble with Bell and I'm sure it won't be the last.

Offender: Bell Canada
Country: USA   State: Ontario   City: Sarnia

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