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Text121chat info, Jentext121, lorena Con artists who will never pay you and try to hide behind poorly written contracts

First off, many of the "customers" of Text121 have no idea how they are receiving messages - they customers are often rude and upset that they are getting messages from the service. The company is even ripping off consumers.

Second they company will not pay you, it doesn't matter if you send 2000 or 2000000 messages in the month don't look for any type of a check. The company will send you email and text messages saying they are busy, you log in and there is no work - it's all a lie. This is one of those companies that will tell you that there will be work and then will turn around and say "no one told you that" so if you make the mistake of working for this company, don't delete ANYTHING they send you because you will need it down the road guaranteed.

No matter how desperate you are for a job where you can work at home, do not under any circumstances work for this company, they are the biggest band of liars, cheats and thieves out there. There are several rip off reports about this company - there is a reason for that!! The rip off reports are not just from people who are angry with the company after some small misunderstanding or something, the company is horrible!

Please, do yourself a favor and NEVER work for this company!!! You aren't missing out on anything but not working for them either. What they are not telling you is at BEST if you were to never sleep and answer every message on the system the most you could possibly make is about .04 cents per message which at the end of the month is MAYBE 200.00 they will tell you there are people making a whopping 600.00 per month but that is BS, I have yet to speak to anyone who makes that type of money. The company also doesn't want to hire anyone who has another job, because that means they cannot work you to the bone for free. I have worked for this company for a few months and because I have another job I "don't meet monthly requirements for pay outs" and while the contract says the messages roll over to the next month I was just informed they do not - WHAT? The person wanted to quote the contract and try to throw it in my face so I pointed out where everything I said was based on conversations with "managers" and "bosses" and from their farce of a manual - to this the person didn't have much else to say.

Just don't do it, get a paper route, flip burgers, do anything BUT work for this company. They are the absolute worst out there.

Offender: Text121 Chat
Country: USA   State: All USA
Site: www.text121.com

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