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Proactiv Proactiv committing mail fraud by auto-sending packages after told to stop, then billing top dollar for it

I bought one month's worth of Proactiv over the phone and was disappointed in it because it bleached my towels. I decided to not order from them again because of that. Lo and behold, I kept receiving packages from them without my approval or request! Not only that but they sent me $100 worth of products and then billed me for it! I returned every package that they sent, and trust me, they sent a lot - and billed a lot for it.

I moved out of state and got another bill in the mail from them. I called and told them to stop, and they said that they would close my account and stop sending me their products. However they said that I have one package that they sent that hasn't been returned. Turns out that a 3 month supply was sent to my PO box that I had only used for a couple weeks after moving here, and I hadn't checked my PO box in months (because I never requested them to send anything to me.) I refused the package and expected everything to be fine.

I got a bill from them THREE MONTHS later saying that I was way overdue for that last package that I refused at the post office.

I called them and told them that I refused the package and wanted to know why they were still billing me for it. They said that they never received the package and that I still needed to pay up even though I sent back their crappy product. They "advised" me next time to get a tracking number and delivery confirmation so it wouldn't happen again.

Since I can't "prove" that they received a package I never wanted, to them, I was responsible for footing the bill.

In response I told them to F themselves because they aren't getting any money from me for a package that I never wanted or ordered in the first place. I had to escalate the issue to their supervisor to clear the balance that never should have existed in the first place.

What Proactiv is doing is committing mail fraud. This is illegal, plain and simple and a class-action lawsuit should be in their future because I am not the only one that they are doing this to.

Offender: Proactiv Solutions
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 18008769717

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