Brenda Ford
A Interior Decoration Interior Design Scam

This is to make folks in the North Dallas market aware of Brenda Ford and A Interior Design. We received her name from a local furniture store where she had placed an advertisement for "Free One Hour Interior Decorating" .

We invited Brenda to our home to help us with furniture and decor ideas. She stated to us that she charges in two forms for her service, either by hourly rate to help pick out decor or if we allowed her to buy the furniture she would make her commission there. We agreed to have her help us pick our furniture.

Once we had our items ordered we maid a deposit of over 50% to secure the order. She would only accept cash or check (this should have been our first clue). Months went by with many incomplete and strange text messages about furniture being delivered and then it never showed up, this happened on multiple occasions. We started to wonder if furniture was ever going to show up. We researched her name online to find another similar story from families who did not receive what they ordered from her.

It got close to the time of furniture coming and she tells us that she underbid our furniture and she wasn't making any money on our sale. She said if we wanted a couple of the items we ordered that it was going to cost us $500 more than what we had originally paid her. This came as a complete surprise. We told her that if that was the case, we didn't want to move forward with the chairs.

We did receive part of our order, but have been told that she will not refund us any of the money that is extra. She quoted the chairs incorrectly, we decided we didn't want them any more and she told us there are no refunds. Tried to explain to her, I understand there are no refunds, but we are not receiving the product we ordered and paid for, so this scenario should warrant a refund or keep her side of the commitment.

This would be like walking into a car dealership and ordering a brand new car, having to put down $5,000 dollars and when it arrives it is not the right car or they tell you the car costs more, "Sorry, you can have this car or you have to pay more, but you don't get your money back." Really? Who operates that way.

We had plans to buy a lot of furniture from her due to the fact we moved into a new home with nothing.

This is a scam and stay away.

Offender: Brenda Ford
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Frisco
Address: 8992 Preston Rd
Phone: 4692009600

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