Rob Halliburton
Robert Halliburton Rob Halliburton with several aka's is a fraud and scam artist. He pretends to be other reputable companies/people to obtain money from unsuspecting people

Rob Halliburton has been scamming and ripping people off for decades. How he is not in prison is beyond me. He is a self-professed Bounty Hunter but there is no evidence to support he ever arrested anyone nor is there a license in his name.

I know for a fact that Halliburton has used the top guns in this industry of bail enforcement/bounty hunting as his own to fool people that he is them. The likes of Bob Burton and Scott Bernstein who are household names in this industry. I am in the industry and has seen Halliburton's postings that are completely false. Simply put, he is a criminal.

He posts on Craigslist that he was another training academy of which had no affiliation with whatsoever. That was Bounty Hunter Training Academy I saw many times. I contacted them and they were astonished to find this out from me. I think they might have contacted either Halliburton or authorities to report this and make Halliburton cease and desist. At the time, he was working out of his car up and down the California coast trying to encourage innocent victims to pay for others training.

I spoke with Bob Burton from California who has been running training programs for Bounty Hunters for over 20 years and admitted he was a victim of Bob Halliburton.

Take a look at his BS website and there is nothing there to demonstrate any background in this industry. Absolutely nothing. I heard that he has people meet him in hotel lobbies for his alleged training. Guess because he does not want to pay for a proper meeting room and/or because legitimate business owners do not want the likes of him in their hotels, meeting rooms, etc.

So what is Halliburton's background? He does not post it anywhere and there is no documentation either on the internet or elsewhere to assert any industry involvement. He is simply a fake and phony.

Law enforcement needs to investigate this man and take him down. Beware of this grifter and do not become victimized by him.

I will conclude by saying that once he is trapped he will try to intimidate, harass and threaten you. If you are a victim, go directly to law enforcement and make a complaint.

Offender: Rob Halliburton
Country: USA   State: California   City: San Diego
Phone: 8582018023

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