State Bar of California

The State Bar of California pretends to serve the public by offering people the ability to file a complaint
against an attorney who has done something improper or dishonest. But
their "investigations" of these complaints are phony. They protect
their members, not the public.

I filed a complaint against an attorney, Russell Martin, who waived my
right to a jury trial behind my back and then lied about it. He did
this to get the trial over with quickly, and so that he would not
have to pay jury fees. He also was supposed to use the almost $10K I paid him for costs, but he
had virtually no costs - he did not take any depositions, not even the doctor I was suing for medical

I had proof of Martin's deception which I sent to the State Bar. I also
sent them the judge's ruling in the case in which he said I had "freely
and intelligently waived her right to a jury trial". I had done no
such thing.

The genius that "investigated" my claim concluded that my lawyer had not
done anything wrong because I "didn't have a right to take the case to
trial". I have never taken a legal class, but even I knew that I had a
right to take the matter to trial. Not only that, but I had the
judge's ruling for the trial I ALREADY HAD!

So I appealed this ridiculous ruling, and the second genius investigator
also said the attorney didn't do anything wrong, this time because I
"didn't have a right to a jury trial". Again, I had sent them the judge's ruling saying that I
waived my right to a jury trial.

I finally gave up, and this crooked lawyer got away with it. The State Bar must either be full of
people with an IQ somewhere around that of a turnip, or they are corrupt, and never intended to
do anything about this lawyer. Before I filed this claim, an attorney
friend told me that if I wanted them to act against this lawyer, I
should tell them that he had sexually assaulted me in some way.

This lawyer said that was the only charge they would actually do
something about. I didn't want to lie, so I didn't do that. But
obviously lawyers know that the State Bar really doesn't do anything to
protect the public from bad lawyers.

Offender: State Bar of California
Country: USA   State: California   City: San Francisco

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