Joey haji i was a driver for joey haji until 10/29/12

hi my name is Jojakim **** i was home try looking for job next thing i know i had a call from panther for driver positioni said ok but they told me i have to go with one of there owner to drive ok but i tought i'm gone get pay by panther nobody said anything when i start driving for 2weeks i check thatswhen they toldme Joey haji is theone gone pay me first week paid missing bout $100.00 i start complain for the money

after that weeks go by samething i get mad now he fired me i was left just like he ask me to but it was me an another driver the other driver has is credit card to take care if something wrong with his truck me i just drive next thing i know a/c broke now the man own me 0ver$1700.00 i can get even a straitanswer from him for my money just what panther think he doing they know what this guy keep doing why they keep calling driver to work for them Jojakim **** i from all the way from port st lucie Florida to go up seville ohio to get rippoff by those guy panther with nexgen logistic

Offender: Nexgendetroit
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 2487908072

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