Cross Country Moving and Storage Inc
AAA Moving and Storage Holds items Hostage, Damage Property, Loses Property, Scam Artist

Used Cross Country Moving and Storage Inc since July 2010. I hired the company under AAA moving and storage which I found online and did not appear to have any negative reviews except for one. When I advised the company that I would need movers and would use their storage unit, I listed what items that would need to go into storage from my one-bedroom apartment. I was advised by the company that I would need one crate and the monthly cost would be $75 based on the list that I gave them. I was also informed that my items would be stored in a clean, secure and climate controlled unit.

I paid for 1 month storage prior to the pick-up date so that when I decided to discontinue storage I would only have to pay for delivery. When the movers arrived on my moving date in July I decided to move only a few items into storage instead of all the items I initially thought I would store. The movers that showed up were not under the company name that I hired (AAA Moving and Storage) but under "Cross Country Moving and Storage Inc". I thought maybe the company was going under new management so I never bothered to research it any further.

After the movers loaded all of my items on the truck, I saw that more money was added on to the original price and they stated that it was for travel time back to the storage facility. I informed the movers that I will follow them to the storage facility to ensure that all of my items were secured in the storage facility, and was then told by the movers that the facility is a private facility and that I am not allowed to go to the property. I then asked what if I need to get something from the storage unit??? They then stated "you will have to call us and schedule for us to deliver it to you" By that time everything was on the truck and paid for so I did not have the option to make any last minute changes.

After receiving the first bill, I realized I was being charged for two crates instead of the one but never looked in to it to find out why. Approximately 6 months of paying storage fees, I received a phone call from one of the company employees stating that I cannot continue to pay my bill late. I told the employee that I did not understand because I was never late on a payment and he stated that payment after the 1st of every month is considered late and that I owe two months worth of storage rent. I advised the employee that I was confused because the bill states I can pay between the 1st-10th of each month and not incur any late fees (I always pay before the 10th depending on week of payment). He stated even though the bill states that, that my payment is late after the 1st. I then told the employee that I was still confused as to why I needed to pay two months of rent and asked if he did not receive my last money order. The employee stated that they did receive my money order and was rude with how he was speaking to me.

I still told him I do not understand how I owe them money and he yelled "It's not that hard, just pay your bill" I asked if I could call him back because I was at work and he continued to scream at me over the phone until I hung up on him. I was perturbed the remainder of my work day because I thought maybe I made a mistake about something so I went home and went through all of my paperwork to make sure that I was not in the wrong. I called the company that day and asked to speak with a supervisor in regards to the conversation that I had with their employee earlier; only to be told that the same guy that I spoke with was the only person I can speak with in regards to billing and payments.

When the guy I spoke with earlier did come to the phone his tone was more professional and I then advised him that I dont understand why he is stating that I have been late. To make a long story short, it turned out that he did not realized that I was paying in advance for my storage. The employee apologized and asked me to skip a payment so that I can pay for the storage that has been used and not advance payment. I continued to stay on my pay schedule and continued to get harassed until finally I decided to get on their payment schedule to reduce the amount of stress that I had to deal with in regards to this company. The employee advised me to skip a month of payment to get on target with them.

This year October 2012 I was ready to send a check in for storage and noticed that they now had After October 1st there will be a late fee (usually after the 10th there is a late fee). It was then, that I decided to call the company to get the measurements of my units so I can look in to moving my things into another storage facility. When I called to ask for measurements to my storage unites approximately October 2nd, I was told by the employee that she would have someone contact me the next day.

The next day I received a phone call from a woman and I advised her that I would like the measurements of my crates that I have been renting, she asked why? I advised the woman I wanted to know because I am paying for it and that there seems to be an issue every time I call. She then asked are you moving your storage to another facility? I asked her why??? The lady advised me that I did not pay my storage for the month yet and I advised her storage is typically due between the 1st and 10th and that it is ridiculous for them to send a customer a bill a week before payment with a change in policy.

The woman started to scream and stated We can do what we want, it is a courtesy for u s to give customers to the 10th I asked her why are you yelling at me? The state of Maryland required you give 30 days notice prior to a policy change. She then screamed you have had your storage with us for two years, why are you complaining now Every time I tried to speak the woman continued to yell and cut me off. I began to yell and get angry and told the woman that she was unprofessional and wanted her name. The woman told me Im not giving you my name and you are going to listen to me I continued to ask for her name and she kept refusing so I hung up.

Later that day I called the 1800 number that belongs to the company and was told that the woman that I was speaking to was the only person I could speak with. I asked for the owner or someone higher than her and was told by the employee that there is no one for me to speak with but her. When I did call the woman back I could not get her name because her accent was thick. When I asked for her to spell her name, she refused. Based off of some paperwork that I have I believe the woman name is Preeta. While I was on the phone with Preeta, I received a call from an unknown number along with a voicemail. The voicemail was from a male employee telling me to disregard the new change in policy on the bill because it takes effect the following month.

October 23rd 2012 I called to schedule my items to be delivered to my new home without incident. I was advised that I would have to pay a fee of $352.00 for delivery. October 25th 2012 my items were delivered to my new home in Bowie. The movers would not take anything off of the truck until they received payment in cash and I signed paperwork. I advised the movers that I didnt want to do either until I saw my items but the only thing I was allowed to see was wrapped articles on the truck so I did what I was told.

When the articles came off the truck, I noticed boxes had mold and water damage. As the movers were moving in other articles, I opened boxes to find that 7 out of 12 drinking glasses were broken, expensive bowls out of a dish set were broken, sectional couch looks to have some type of water damage and was supposed to be wrapped, and a dining chair was missing. I then called Ana one of the Company employees and she advised me that I have insurance and everything would be taken care of. She also advised me to send an e-mail with pictures to send to the claims department.

When the movers were done, I wrote on the receipt that my chair was missing and that items were broken because the contract that I was forced to sign prior to them removing my furniture from the truck stated things were in good condition, waiving inventory, and all items were in good condition.

I called Ana and asked her about my missing chair. Ana stated you have to wait until Monday so I can find out where the chair is I advised Ana that waiting until Monday was unacceptable. Ana stated I have no one at the storage to look and find out if it was left there I was also told by Ana that they would pay me 60 cents a pound for damaged property. When I told her that was ridiculous she kept stating what u didnt read your contract, should have read your contract. I submitted a written email to the company along with pictures on both Saturday October 27th and Monday October 29th 2012. I called Ana Thursday October 1st 2012 to find out the status of my chair and she stated that due to the hurricane I had to give her to Friday or the following Monday to see where the chair is. I never heard from Ana on Monday November 5th 2012.

advised me that they did not locate my chair and that I have to wait 90 days to hear back from the claims department and that they will call me. I am disgusted by this company. I was misled and they held my stuff hostage.

Offender: Cross Country Moving and Storage Inc
Country: USA   State: Maryland   City: Rockville
Address: 1089 Taft st
Phone: 18008486515

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