Michael Bendett, Illegal RoboCalling, FTC Violations, FTC Indictment, DNC violations, TCPA Violations, FCC Violations Coral Springs and Michael Bendett are under a potential federal FTC/FCC indictment for illegally calling 10's of millions of phone numbers using a robodialer. He does millions of illegal robo-calls a day. He steal peoples caller ID numbers and uses them to call people registered on state and federal DNC lists, cell phones and Caller ID spoofing. Its just a matter of time before he is shut down by the FTC or FCC or both. Michael Bendett is a very scrupulous individual who used to work for a company called Laval leads. My sister works for the FTC and she told me that they are about to shut down his company as he has generated over 20,000 complaints alone in the last month. My cousin was lied to by Michael Bendett and told that all of the numbers he dials are opted in and permission based which is a complete lie as he is know being sued by an individual in Pittsburg. Stay far far away from this scumbag. If you want to risk losing everything, then use this scum bags ROBO-Calling system, just be aware that you will go down with him as im sure the FTC/FCC will audit his records and know who all of his clients are. Please be extremely cautious of this company. Its just a matter of time before he is shut down and made an example out of ! BEWARE !!!!

Country: USA   State: Nationwide
Phone: 8662566348

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