TMobile Store #1656
Authorized Dealer B2 Wireless Tmobile Adding Additional Pages to Contract after I had Already Signed Up for Service

On 3/6/12, I went into TMobile store #1656 and was helped by sales associate Audrey Hilton. I shared with her that I was interested in a family plan. I asked several times about the type of charges I should expect and asked about any hidden fees. The response I obtained was that there are no hidden fees and that I wouldhave a 2 year service agreement and all I would pay is the plan premiums which is $99.98 for the 1st 2 lines then $15 for the 3rd line and that being new customers I would qualify to get the phones at the discounted price which was $99.99 for two of the phones and $49.99 for the other so I decided to go ahead and do business with them.

Everything went well and I was happy for with the service for the first 2 months. On my 3rd bill, I see additional charges for the 3 phones I thought I had already paid in full. I spoke with store manager, Ramon Fierro, on 5/24/12 and was told that the information I was originally provided was
incorrect and that the employee that provided that information was no longer part of the company. He advised that I signed up for the EIP program which means I would have the pay the full retail value of the phones which is $1,349.97 and that the amount I paid when I signed up for service was merely a down payment.

The service agreement that I was provided with when I signed up for service did not state this information nor were the true terms of the agreement explained to me. The store manager provided me with a copy of the service agreement that the store has on file and I found that the original agreement I was given was missing a page and that the missing page was added to the store copy after I had already signed. I don't know the extents of the law but this seems very unlawful to me as the service agreement I was provided and the one on file at the store
are different.

On 5/30/12, the store manager advised me that there was nothing he can do as they have a signed agreement on file and told me he would forward my information to his district manager, Claire Triplet. After numerous attempts to obtain an update from the store manager I was finally able to get a hold of him on 6/11/12. At that time, he advised me that he spoke with the district manager and was told that since the agreement is signed I must comply with it. I asked him if they can pull the video surveillance from the day I signed up for service so he can see/hear that I was never made aware of any EIP program but he advised me that he does not have access to doing so. I asked for the district managers contact information and was given an email address which comes back as undeliverable.

On 6/17/12 I did a search and found out via Facebook that the store manager had lied to me about sales assoiate Audrey Hilton no longer being part of the company. A Facebook posting from Audrey on 6/15/12 clearly says that she is still working with TMobile; however, she is now working at a different location. The store manager comment on her posting so he obviously does have a way of communicating with her. I also sent the store manager two emails asking for a valid email address for the district manager and asking if we can just ask Audrey if she recalls the day I signed up for service to help clear things up but I have yet to hear back from him.

Finding out that now both the sales associate and the store manager have lied to me makes me wonder what other type of lies they are capable of so I called the store manager yesterday and asked him to please provide me with copies of all the service agreements they have on file for me as well as the original sales receipt. The next day comes and still no email from the store manger so I call him to ask if he's going to send it to me if not then I would go pick it up and the store. He then asked me if I can resend the copy of the agreement he had sent to me earlier in the month, the one that I was not provided with because he seems to have misplaced the store copy along with my other paperwork.

At this point I'm done dealing with these people and I don't want to talk to them unless I have to. I've filed a complaint with T-Mobiles corporate office and the BBB. I'm also in the process of filing a complaint with the FCC and Attorney's General office.

Offender: TMobile Store #1656
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Casa Grande
Address: 844 N Prominade Pkwy

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