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After several calls from this company I figured I would give it a shot. When I was called I was told that these leads were scrubbed and were very good quality leads. I was only interested in people who wanted to sell and the lady told me that the leads would be $54.95 per lead. Deal! So I
signed up to get 8 to 10 leads per month as a tester and I told her if they were good I would buy everyone she had.

I was told that if the lead was not good that I could return the lead back to them and get a new one and they would only charge me for the good leads. Sounds like a no brainer right? So they start sending over the leads, right off the bat I get a guy who wants to know what is value is on his
house for tax purposes. Well this goes on for the first 3 or 4 leads. People who just wanted to know the value of their home but had no intention to sell. So I started to ask these leads how their information came to me? They all pretty much said the same thing. They were on the website, trying to figure out the value on their home and when they selected the option I dont want to sell
they were not able to summit the form so they couldnt see their value. So they just picked one of the sale time frames. (Almost everyone picked 6 or more months) but with no intent to ever sell.

I then sent a email to my sales rep, Rhys Palencia Phone:(925) 983-3486 and told him that their seems to be a problem with their lead capture site and told him about the do not want to sell section was not working and they were forcing the user to pick a sell time. (I know this was the way they designed the site and it was BS) but I was going to play along with his game. He then agreed that they would be replacing all the leads and sent this to me in a email (which I kept). This went on for about 20 leads or so. Send to me and I would send right back and tell them to replace it. Some of the leads the phone numbers didnt even work or the email bounced. (Well scrubbed lead right?)

I then noticed my AMEX was charged $604.45 so I called him and said why are you charging me $604.45 you havent even set me one good lead yet? I said we are still working on replacing the first lead. He said you signed up to be billed for 8 to 10 leads per month. Yeah your right! Good, scrubbed leads. Not leads with phone numbers that dont exist, emails that bounce etc. So I said you guys need to refund me my money and he pretty much laughed.

The best part is I put this on my AMEX and called them and told them what was going on and they had no problem refunding me my money. Next Reply! charged my card 4 different times, so each one of those charge backs cost them 35 bucks. So they lost money with me. My advice is STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY (they also sell leads for all types of different professions) and use your AMEX card! They have great customer service.

Offender: Reply Real Estate
Country: USA   State: California   City: San Ramon
Address: 12667 Alcosta Blvd. Ste 200
Phone: 9257368149

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