Devcon Security
Do Not deal with this company. You will never get the service they promise

After dealing for many years with Adelphia Security I become a customer of Devcon Security when Devcon purchased Adelphia. I did not sign any contract with Devcon and I owned my own security equipment. I recently sold my home and the tried to cancel my service with Devcon. I became extremenely frustrated since it is nearly impossible to actually get a person to even answer the phone. I finally did speak to a person there who took the order to cancel. I kept getting bills after. I then called in again and got a total "rin around" from various persons there. These persons were not professional nor courteous and were frustrating to communicate with. After many many calls and a few letters to confirm that I would not be billed any longer which never worked in that I am still being billed and harrased daily by computer generated messages to pay my bill, I spoke to Jason who claimed to be a supervisor. He listened to my complete story and then stated that I am bound to a contract which he claimed that he would send to me. The contract he claimed was signed by me 8 years ago and was with Adelphia Security. He stated that the contract renews automatically every year unless I give notice at a certain time of the year! I tried to explain that his company at times in the past tried to get me to sign a contract with Devcon, but I that I had no reason to do that because I own my own equipment and Devcon never installed same nor ever service my home other than monitoring. To no avail he said that I was bound to the Adelphia contract which contract is not even with his company Devcon. This company uses all types of fraudulent scare tactics and the persons working there seem to revel in the fact that they are giving you a hard time, This occurred with every one of the at least 8-10 different persons whom I have spoken to. I never really knew if ny service was ever being monitored 24/7 since I had a trouble light on my panel which they said was normal! PLEASE take my advice as I usually never get to the point where I must resign to taking this much time from my busy schedul to report on such actions. I am on a mission to effectively reach as many customers as I can to apprise of this company's fraudulent actions.

Offender: Devcon Security
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 8552771020

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