Securitas Security Services
Sexual Harrassment and Unfrofessionalism

I have to find a new job. While working on my site, I saw the VP of Michigan called Anthony Murrie flirting with one of the officers that works with me. I am older than he is and am bothered that a manager would do this. She said he always does it and he one time invited her to dinner or to have fun at a stripper place with drinks. She also said she could see her tattoo under her uniform shirt when she was signing people in and asked to see it more. He said his wife had a tattoo also and he wanted to compare. He didn't think I could hear him because I was on the phone but I could. She doesn't complain because she says she need her job and is a single parent but this is not right. I have a daugter her age who is a single parent too and I would not like her to be treatted this way. He also stares at women in the building and says things about their body. I like my branch manager and I talked to him about the VP. My branch manager says that Murrie will be president soon so I can't say anything and to ignores it. I told my branch manager that I did not like how he acted with her but he said not to say anything because his friend is the president and someone complained in the office and send a letter to Executifs about him and flirting and she is gone from Securitas. As a shift supervisor I have to protect my officers but I needs my job. I talked to my site supervisor too and he says he noticed that too and had heard him do that but to stay quiet because we all get paid more at this site and he would send us to a dangerous site likes the DPS schools. I stay quiet and maybe that makes me bad too. Can anyone tells me what to do or do I just stay quiet.

Offender: Securitas Security Services
Country: USA   State: Michigan   City: Dearborn
Phone: 3139829243

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