Magic Jack
Charges for Calling selected Conference Numbers ( New way of Making Money)

Magic Jack started charging for making calls to Conference Numbers . Pathetic ..!!! To make a call to conference number we need to have pre paid balance under your account... Thats Rip Off ..Another way to make money ..I see this added under new terms of service -- " We may require prepaid purchase and/or we may charge you for calls to conference lines, " ... This was free till last week ...Pathetic Magic Jack ..I hope your new "features" doenst include charges for incoming call ...ha ha ..

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Magic Jack: Hello, how may I help you?
customer: i am not able to make call to some number
customer: XXX-XXX-XXXX ..its taking me to some prepay message
customer: prepay magic jack message

Magic Jack: Let me assist you with that.
Magic Jack: Please be inform that there are certain phone numbers that has been detected by our system and has been considered as conference number . In order to call a conference number, you need to have pre paid balance under your account.
Magic Jack: Please follow the steps to purchase a pre-paid balance.

Magic Jack: 1. Please login to your account portal : or from the home page select International tab >> Add/View Pre Paid Balance
Magic Jack: 2. Select the amount from $10, $20 to $40.
Magic Jack: 3. Prior to being connected to a Pre Paid call, a brief message will inform your of your Pre Paid balance in terms minutes based on the number you are calling.

customer: why ?
customer: i dont need ur prepaid service
customer: i am dialing a local 704 number
customer: so are you saying you wont let me call any conference numbers
customer: even my office conference numbers ?

customer: wht is the point in having a phone where i cant make calls to certain numbers
customer: wht other conference numbers are charged similar way
Magic Jack: I apologize to this, customer but there are some numbers that has been considered by our system as conference call.
customer: i am asking what are those numbers

customer: if i cant make a call to my office conference
customer: i dont see any need in having this phone service
customer: i knw u guys are trying to make more money by putting this and that restriction and forcing us to pay ..
Magic Jack: This is the new feature that magicJack has implemented. We sincerely apologize to this, customer.
customer: can u help me answers what are those numbers

customer: what other similar "features" has been added
Magic Jack: One moment please...
Magic Jack: Thank you for patiently waiting.
Magic Jack: We are considering a number of features to be added to our device, For now I can not provide what features are to be added. We will definitely be posting it in our website when available.

customer: its not feature ..its called Rip OFF
customer: trying to charge more money ..
Magic Jack: I sincerely apologize to this customer. I would really love to help you with this but the new feature has been already implemented. Please do not worry, this chat session is recorded and I am certainly sure that our higher department will know your concerns.

customer: good ..if that happens.. It was a good run with magic jack for last 2 years ..looks like i will shift to someone better ..that doesnt add "costly features " in middle the end, please dont charge for call from other service carriers ...its not a free phone .its restricted phone ..A bundled phone is better at least they dont charge anything extra..bye

Offender: Magic Jack
Country: USA   State: All USA

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