Yun Pan Scam rewriting website

Please avoid AUTOREWRITE at all costs. I signed up for the "Advanced Membership" as I had tons of articles to write and after i had subscribed and made the $19.95 payment through PayPal, this stupid website wouldn't give me access to Random Rewrite or Smart Rewrite. I requested a refund, as I had managed to set up a duplicate account, which the owner Yun Pan did not refund me until I sent a dispute through PayPal. I received the duplicate $19.95, but not the initial $19.95 that I had paid to obtain a service that was not accessible to me.

For f*ck sake, I don't have time to wait around for a company to respond to my email after several hours when I have 60 articles to rewrite over several days. This company were meant to provide a service, albeit a very poor service and the random rewrite by sentence was not good enough for me.

Even after a escalation through PayPal and then another complaint, PayPal sided with Autorewrite, probably because they are receiving a monthly commission as this company offers a monthly subscription through PayPal. I'm f*cking pissed off with PayPal too, but I can write this to warn others to stay away from Yun Pun and his AUTOREWRITE. It's a bunch of sh*t, and he'll rip you off if you don't get the service you want. Yeah yeah, know it's only $19.95, but it's lost money he received for providing me no service and only stress.

Offender: Autorewrite
Country: USA   State: All USA

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