Kara Lujan, KSLPR.com
Recruited Kara Lujan for PR from writing to pitching media. We had to write news releases, reporters she claimed to have contacted said she didn't, she dropped the ball, was embattled with other clien

I've never written a complaint like this, but I'm concerned this will happen to the next client. We recruited Kara Lujan to do PR from writing and pitching media to securing sponsors. She'd convinced me the previous client whod complained about her on this site was now happy with her and that the issue was a settled misunderstanding. I gave Kara the benefit of the doubt. chance. Kara had represented she has four people working with her and that attention would be focused on our organization. That she has great contacts and would get us national media coverage. That she was contacting by Internet and by telephone all our proprietary media contacts wed confidentially supplied.

In short order, we got no media placement. She reassured me she'd emailed and had spoken with specific reporters for whom wed provided phone numbers and emails. But when I contacted some of these reporters they hadn't heard from her. I expressed my concern about this to Kara and she backtracked saying she had actually "just left messages on voicemails" and hadnt spoken with the reporters." After that, still no media coverage. We succeeded in getting the stories ourselves.

From the start, wed had to write all press releases. On a critical day after we'd pitched major news, she disappeared, later explaining she was embattled with another client on an ethical matter. Turns out it is only Kara in her office and there were never three others working on our behalf. Id secured a major national show booking but, after I had Kara follow up, the show suddenly ceased its interest. Karas style and accountability was in question at this point, but we had a heart to heart and I gave her another chance. But she continued to get no results.

I then received an email notifying me of another issue with Kara I didnt know about. We cut ties. After this, Kara continued to pursue a member of our organization leading our member to believe Kara was getting news coverage for the member. Not wanting to cause our member concern, I simply checked with the target media Kara would have contacted from our list. No contact. I had to inform our member not to expect the media coverage she deserved from the PR firm I'd recruited which showed an ignominious and valid reflection of my overall judgment.

I've since requested our proprietary media list back and asked Kara to cease contact with our members and to remove any likeness of our organization or efforts or news articles from her website and/or association.

Offender: Kara Lujan, KSLPR.com
Country: USA   State: California   City: Internet
Address: Palm Springs
Phone: 7606099039
Site: www.kslpr.com

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