THR & Associates
Ohio Valley Gold and Silver Refineries, ICCA, International Guitar Collectors Association Questionable business practices, Preying on the elderly, unfair wages.

"Fair and Honest Prices" is in all of their ads. I beg to differ! I also worked for this dysfunctional company & there were many nights that I couldn't sleep because of what the 'big 3' expected of us. We had weekly conference calls & were basically told to buy things as cheaply as possible, or to lump it into one big 'lot' buy. By doing so, the company ended up with a lot of 'free' items.

We were also told that if we didn't comply, that we would be replaced. There was a time when they were bouncing checks (2008 - 2009) including employee checks. The problem was blamed on a vendor they had that held a check, and accounting errors. Low and behold! This seems to be happening again recently! I wonder if they will place the blame on a vendor again?

As a prospective employee or customer, I'd be very nervous when dealing with them. As far as the working conditions go.... The field job does involve travel. I enjoyed that part of the job and have seen many great places. There was no reimbursement for driving to a destination. It could have been 14 hours away and it wouldn't have mattered. We needed to take one for the team! The hours while working were long. Sometimes from 8 AM until 9-10 PM. The harassment from upper management was uncalled for, especially if you were a female. I agree with the above posters comment, and yes there is so much more!

Offender: THR & Associates
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Springfield
Address: 3200 pleasant run

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