1NW Contact LLC
Another Independent Contractor Scam this Company doesn't pay and is dishonest.

I was hired as an independent contractor by 1NW Contact LLC to work from home and either taking inbound calls or making outbound calls for certain campaigns. The inbound campaign was booking appointments for a casting, being paid $0.35 per minute plus a bonus of $50 for finishing the campaign. Well this company treats their independent contractors like employees, sets the schedules, and breaks were set by the team leader.

1. 1NW Contact LLC doesn't provide paid training. The training is not only inadequate, the training classes are being conducted via gotomeeting.com, and have been rescheduled five minutes before starting.

2. This company is so disorganized, they send a schedule out via email, the day before the very next workday. Then they do not give the opportunity to stay on an inbound campaign long enough to earn a $50 bonus, they asked me to do call backs (supposely paid $9 per hour) to Spanish people, I don't speak Spanish.

3. The next thing that happened I was suppose to start doing outbound calls and the appointed training was rescheduled, insufficient and the Supervisor Michael Holmes bounced us arround between one and the other. When I was doing call backs he sends me an instant message I should get off the phone and give him a call. "I thought okay, gave him a call and he said to me his boss is pissed of, conversion rates are not good and I would sound horrible on the phone, he stated I should take the next day off and give him a call on Friday the 04/20/2012.

The same night he scheduled me for the outbound campaign, for the next day. That hit my nerve, I sent him a reply to his email and told him will take off the next few days and if he would like to give me call on Sunday 04/22/2012 he could feel free and we can discuss the insulting comment I was subject to.

I did not receive a call back from him and sent an email with the request for my pay for the time worked, and I am no longer interested in working for a company that disorganized. I made clear according to the contract I am not an employee. Minutes later I received an email back to submit the information to Georgiann Tommasino as instructed and was told by her I would receive my invoice for the time worked and pay if I approve the invoice and send it back via email. I have not received an invoice, and no paycheck yet.

Luckily I have tracked my time worked and the times on the phone, as proof, if they do not want to pay me I will take further action.

Please do not apply with them if you want to work a work at home job, 1NWContact LLC tries to enslave you and you might not get paid for your time worked for them/their clients.

Offender: 1NW Contact LLC
Country: USA   State: California   City: Thousand Oaks
Address: 223 East Thousand Oaks Blvd Suite 222
Phone: 8053675184
Site: www.1nwcontact.com

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