Nestle-Purina PetCare Co.
Sold Poisonous Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Imported From China That Murdered My Companion

Bella was a healthy 2 year old dog up until the night of 11/13 when she began vomiting, diarrhea & quivering. She could not keep any food or water down & would vomit it up right away, after 2 days of trying to eat, she then refused all food on Wednesday, she kept trying to drink but could not keep water down either. I brought her to my vet on the morning of 11/17/11 where she was immediately put on IV fluids & blood work was taken.

The blood work wasreceived on Friday 11/18/11 around 4:00 pm results showed that she had kidney failure, cause unknown, anemia cause unknown and her white blood count was elevated at around 50,000, indicating infection again cause unknown.

I visited with her on Saturday 11/19/11, when I returned home from my visit with her in my email was the article that the FDA had reissued its warning from 2007 on 11/18/11, regarding the chicken jerky treats stating that it can cause illness & death in dogs (all the symptoms of what Bella had including kidney failure) but at that point it was too late. She was given these chicken jerky treats from Saturday 11/12/11 thru Sunday 11/13/11 when the vomiting started during that night. I immediately called the vets office but it was closed and left a message.

On Sunday I was not able to visit with her since the vets office was closed and I was unable to get an update on her condition. Later on that night at around 10:00pm my vet. called me to let me know that Bella had taken a turn for the worse & she had started to bleed internally, he was going to be putting her on another medication to see if that would help, we went back and forth on what could have caused this, he kept asking me what she could have gotten into that could have caused her to be poisoned.

I kept repeating, nothing, she is always at one of our sides and is never left unattended, my house is baby/pet proof and nothing is ever left out and one of us is always with her when she goes outside, we would have noticed if she had gotten into something. I had then asked if he had gotten my message on Saturday regarding the FDA warning about the chicken jerky treats he told me yes but was a bit hesitant, he said he did not think so but he did not know. He then suggested the possibility of the early stages of leukemia but that was never shown in her blood work not to mention if it were the early stages, she would not have died within a few days when it still could not have even been diagnosed, there is also no history of leukemia or kidney disease in her bloodline as per her parents vet nor are their any hereditary or genetic issues to date.

On Monday 11/21/11 at about 8:30 am I called for an update on her condition and what time I could go and visit with her, at that time I was told that she had passed. She never responded to treatment.

The vet cannot determine what caused her kidney failure, anemia, elevated wbc, internal bleeding all secondary symptoms of a cause nor can he give me a cause of death since she was a healthy 2 year old up until the night of 11/13/12, so her death is unknown. Mystery remains, why did Bella die? Since she did not get into anything that could have poisoned her, the chicken jerky proven by the FDA that there is a link causing death & illness is the only thing that could have caused her to be poisoned to death.

We were well within the guidelines of how many treats she should have a day and was only given 4 between Saturday 11/12/11and Sunday 11/13/11, however, if I wanted to give her the whole bag that should not have mattered, if they were safe, death would not have been the end result. When one overindulges they do not drop dead, this is an ignorant & absurd remark on Nestles part stating that many of the deaths were a result of overfeeding!

Offender: Nestle-Purina PetCare Co.
Country: USA   State: Missouri   City: St. Louis
Address: 1 Checkerboard Square
Phone: 3149821000

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