Cox communications
Cox cable there are MUCH better companies even cheaper.

ok so i will admit i owed these goons some where in the neighbor hood of 300 . i paid the owed amount did not care for a deposit. but paid it as well, also the 20 bucks for a reconnect. total cost to get JUST internet turned back on TODAY just over $400.00. i was promised this would be all taken care of TODAY. " oh sure we had a cancellation we CAN do it today". is what the lady swore up and down.

so i go out because. there is no need to be home since the cox equipment box is outside the building and all the tech has to do is hook up a wire and put in a filter. simple enough right? i get home tonight and low and behold my internet is still off and the automated system is saying you dont have an account here. so i call customer service " here is where the excuses start flying. "oh well the guy has to come inside and do an inside install, the lines are no good."

yeah right my response was this" NOPE he has never come in here before there was nothing wrong with the lines when you unhooked it" which was less than 2 weeks ago by the way!! so the killer was when i asked "why did somebody not call and say something, what you dont know what a phone is?" ok long story short i asked for refund of deposit and reconnect fees " we'll send you a check in the mail be about 3-4 weeks" OH H*LL NO!!!

the point is this if i make a promise and have somebody's money i will deliver AS PROMISED. if i cant i will give a valid reason not make excuses and offer prompt refund or other solution. i think it is sad that cox cable can only take take take and deliver on nothing once again. i dont know if these clown think they are actually gonna set foot into my apt. and scope the place out as they have been doing to others around here but if that is the case they are sadly mistaken.

Offender: Cox communications
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Phoenix

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