U.S. Multipack Courier, Inc.
WSPostal, American Postal Emporium, US Postal Emporium This "company" takes advantage of the unemployed and defrauds and exploits them!!!

I was contacted by U.S. Multipack Courier, Inc. only 5 days ago by an email from Anne Novak in their recruiting department. The email said they had found my resume on a job board and that they had a work-from-home business that I might be interested in. By responding, I would be contacted for an interview.

After responding, I was quickly contacted by a "Robert" who asked simple questions about my availability, computer literacy and he also explained the requirements of the job. He said I was overqualified but was "pretty sure" I'd get the job after they checked my references. He also explained that I would be paid $3000 once a month and have $300 available to use for expenses and would be contacted upon acceptance.

Within 3 hours, I received an email from Anne Novak again, stating I had been accepted for the position and attached a contract and I9 and W4 forms for me to complete and fax back to them. I hesitated initially because it all happened without a meeting or any kind of background checks.

I called the toll-free number to speak to Anne Novak, but the phone system never puts a call through. Instead, you are subjected to 4 menu choices for different departments, none of which work. You are placed on "The 12 Days of Christmas" music hold for a few seconds and then disconnected. I placed over 2 dozens calls to them with the exact same results everytime, regardless of my menu choice.

I then called "Robert" because I had his number on caller id (323-319-3608) and reached a generic message instucting me to leave a message. I did, and never heard from him again. Subsequent calls to his number resulted in a "Number Busy". A fax and 3 emails (Including one through the "Contact Us" webpage) were sent to the company asking for Anne Novak to contact me. I've heard nothing back.

I held off sending any info to them and continued to call the toll-free number numerous times over the next 2 days, always with the same result, and started doing some research on the web about this company. I found that the company is owned by a Manuel Mier Pecina and is registered with the California Secretary of State since 2009. Mr. Pecina is noted as owning at least 2 other businesses at the same address.

I also contacted the BBB (no records), the US Postal Service (no records) and searched diligently on the web for any additional information on this company, finding only 1 post on AOL Answers from someone inquiring about a position they'd been offered by this company and wondering if they were legitimate. This spawned a series of posts by myself and others with similar concerns.

Only 2 days ago, very little info was on the net about this company. In the past 24 hours, I have uncovered connections between 4 different companies with the same MO and sharing almost identical websites. Postings continued on AOL Answers with some responding that they have received packages to forward on this service and sharing their experiences, suspicions and doubts about this "opportunity".

Yesterday, under a lapse of good judgement, I decided to send in my forms by fax to see if I might hear back from the company, as they stated they would upon receipt of them. I have heard nothing since. In the meantime, more information has surfaced, thanks to excellent services like the complaint and AOL Answers, helping me discover the connections between these 4 companies and their mode of operations.

They are run by Eastern Bloc consortiums with the intention of stealing others identities, turning those into credit cards to be used for purchases (largely electronics) to be shipped to these poor individuals who accepted a "remote position" with these 4, and possibly more, fake package-forwarding companies, and who are not only being used for illegal means, but are also being exploited for their credit worthiness.

Lives are soon to be ruined by this practice and it must be stopped by any means. I hope to have saved some from having this happen to them. Stay away from these companies and do your due dilligence before sending any personal information to any company you don't know.

Offender: U.S. Multipack Courier, Inc.
Country: USA   State: California   City: Los Angeles
Address: 4425 E Olympic Blvd.
Phone: 8003879137
Site: www.usmultipackcourier.com

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