Swiss Colony
They did not credit my Debit Card on an order I had canceled, after I had been charged for the order (on my Debit card), and promised that my Debit Card would be credited the full cost of item (1 Mint

I ordered a Mint Torte from Swiss Colony as well as a Cheese and Sausage Box from Swiss Colony on the Internet. I called their 1-800 number and used my Debit Card. My Debit card was charged for both items. After several weeks the Sausage and Cheese box arrived, but the Mint Torte did not. I checked the order status on the internet, and it showed a delay, even though I was charged.

I called thye 1-800 number for Swiss Colony, and thjey confirmed that yes, there had been a delay due to the fact that they were waiting for a colder teperature to deliver, ot the Torte would melt. I waited another week, then called and decided to cancel the order. I was told that my debit card would be credited the $24.95. After several more weeks I called and asked about the Debit credit, and why my card had not beenm credited, the representative after some time of stuttering said that it takes 6 to 7 business days.

After the 6 to 7 business days, I called and aked why my card still was not credited. They told me that it had been on April 20th, and it takes a week for the credit to go through to the card. I waited the week,, still no credit on Debit card. I called and they said I had been credited $4. I told them hold on, I was told I would be credited $24.95 which is the cost of the Mint Torte.

She went to check and after Stuttering some said it only shows you a credit of $4 and your card was not charged. I told them I had checked . She said, where is the bank statement. I told her, it is a debit card !!! After more argument which got no where, I said fine, I would bwe reporting them for consumer fraud, and that they had lost my business!!!!

Offender: Swiss Colony
Country: USA   State: All USA

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