Great Estate Roadshow
If you value your Coins, Gold and other items, do not sell to these people!

As a former employee, let me tell you a few things about this company.

First, when they buy your items, I.E. Silverware, Gold Jewelry, Silver Coins and anything that's worth something, they melt 99% of it down. I'm letting you know this because I felt bad buying these items and lying to the seller about where it will go. Your Great Grandmother's silverware set, the antique one? Well, that's going into the fire. They care nothing about you or your items.

We tried to get everything we could at about 30% Spot Price. For numbers sake, if you brought me in $100 in silver, we'll tell you that "It's going to be hard to find a buyer for this and we'll give you $30 for it. It's going to sit on a shelf in one of our stores until we find a buyer for it". So untrue. We would buy it, send it to our sorting facility and then it'll go straight to the refinery.

Second, your costume jewlery and purses. We tell you to bring it in so you bring in other items that we would buy from you. It's a tactic that makes you think we buy everything. Which, we would. But, we don't care about that stuff, we want your Gold and Silver!

Diamonds! Yes, we will steal those from you without blinking an eye. Don't fall for "They've opened up fifteen new Diamond Mines. Even Wal-Mart has Diamond Mines, so they're not as rear as you think". For a nice 1Ct Diamond, we'd probably pay about $300-$400 dollars. Then, we'd turn around and sell it for thousands!

If you go to these shows, please do your research first! Look at the morning Gold/Silver prices. Now, factor in the melt value for the Kt. of Gold you have. There are websites that will give you spot value pricing on these items. Also, be sure to look up the value of your coins. For an average Morgan Dollar, they are worth roughly $20. The Great Estate Roadshow will tell you they're only worth $7-$10. The value on an average coin like that is for the Silver when they melt it down.

With that, all I can do is wish you the best and hope you do not get ripped off! Please, do your research! Usually, local buyers will give you a better price because of the overhead costs. They paid me $225 a days with no commision. But, that still doesn't excuse me of buying a $5000 Sterling Silver flatware set for $1000. Just so we could melt it down.

Remember, it's not the value of the items you're brining in, it's the melt value!

Offender: Great Estate Roadshow
Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Atlanta
Address: 5887 Glenridge Drive, Suite 375
Phone: 8885378283

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