Resume My Career,,, @resumemycareer Ropes naive buyers in with a fake BBB rating. A- co. advertises A rating.

The website in both text and images advertises they are a A BBB rated company. They also advertise this in their online advertising as "A BBB Rated". In reality, they have had 24 complaints about them with the BBB alone at a rate of nearly 1 per week for every week they have been a Certified Business. As a result, the BBB downgraded their business, but they continue to advertise that they are an A business.


See BBB rating:

If you find this deceptive or is still advertising in this matter, notify the BBB here: my career/NY/

If you made a purchase or were intending to make a purchase and do not feel this is right, file a report with the BBB or add a report to Employment is hard enough to find without companies misrepresenting their credentials.

Country: USA   State: New York   City: New York
Address: 1350 Avenue of the Americans, 4th Floor
Phone: 8777621290

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