Store Manager: Craig Treated Like A Liar & A Slave

I went to school to become a professional pet groomer. I then worked in a privately owned pet grooming salon to get more training and experience. When heard Petco was opening a store in my area I applied and was hired as a "Groomer"! I traveled to the Clifton Park store for what was supposed to be training until the new store opened. A week later I was told to report to the Queensbury store to assist with setting up. I was given all of the heavy lifting work as was the other larger women. I did what I was told to do even though I have an injury to my right shoulder.

I noticed my grooming manager was being very cold toward me but couldn't understand why. The store manager was also behaving in the same manner. After a few days of this treatment I tried to talk to my manager but she refused to speak to me. Every time approached her, she told me she was too busy or she was on her break. When the store opened for business I noticed I wasn't getting any dogs to groom even though there was more then enough to go around. The brusher/bather Brianna was making all of the appointments and giving the dogs to everyone but me! I was put out on the floor to greet customers, selling them on different products and getting them to sign up for rewards program. This wasn't too bad but then I was made to clean not only the women's toilet but the mens toilet as well! I finally had some of my repeat customers from my previous job come in to have their dogs groomed. I didn't complain at this point because I wanted to see if there was a pattern to all that was happening.

The first day that Brianna was off I got plenty of dogs to groom! However, I was also made to clean up messes from my manager Nancy's dogs and being there was no paper towels in our area I went to get some and was told by Nancy not to but to use "Whatever" was handy to clean up after her dog! I then grabbed a white grooming towel and did as I was told. After I was finished cleaning up I washed the towel out. I then had an elderly dog bull dog that needed his nails clipped. Nancy refused to allow me to put the dog on the table, which made it very uncomfortable for the poor dog and very difficult for me to trim his nails.

During the course of the day Morgan, who was also hired as a groomer, took in a dog that she did not verify the rabies certificate on! I said something to her and she didn't even know the name of the vet where the dog went! I asked the location of where the customer lived and from that I was able to figure out the vets name. Having taken my dog to this vet in the past I also knew the office hours and knew they were closed for the day! I told Morgan she could not do this customers dog without verification of a rabies certificate! She told me it wasn't a big deal and proceeded to groom the dog! After that my manager Nancy had left for the day and I was at the computer when a customer came in to pick up their dog that Nancy had groomed. The store manager Craig was there asking me how things were going. They looked at the dog and noticed his nails were not done. I took the dog in the back and Craig followed. Now this was a German Shepherd, which was too large to put up on the grooming table according to company policy. I got down on the floor and began to trim his nails when he went to bite me! I put the only type of muzzle we had on him, the whole time the store manager was standing watching! Not once did he offer to help even after the customers asked if I wanted them to help me! Craig told them customers weren't allowed in the grooming area but never once did he ask if I needed help! During this time the dog manage to bite me! The customers asked if I was okay but not once did Craig ask if I was nor did he fill out an accident report! I had to go to the doctor the next morning for treatment to my hand and a tetanus shot!

When I called work and spoke to Craig he claimed he did not realize I had been bitten! He did however tell me that I was not liked by Nancy, my grooming manager! I couldn't understand what her problem was with me but then realized her attitude changed toward me during a meeting when I was asked by the manager who set up the new stores why I wanted to work at Petco! One of my reasons was because there was room for advancement, which I liked because I eventually plan on moving to a warmer climate and my plan was to transfer! When I had said this she said to the manager Craig "What Have You Been Telling Her?" It was right after this that she got very mean to me. I was also accused of forging paper work on my last customer for the rabies verification the day after I was bitten! It's odd that I told the store manager Craig about Morgan not getting the rabies verification and the next day he claimed she did call the vet and I was the on who forged the paperwork on my dog! I was also told by Craig that if I got bit again I would be fired!!!!

I was the only groomer with formal training and Morgan lied as to her training when she was hired! She claimed that Niel Jordan trained her as a groomer and when he was called by Nancy to verify this he told her that Morgan worked for him as a brusher/bather and he never gave her any training as a groomer! I went to school for 4 months to become a groomer, not one person in the grooming area can say they have any formal training except for myself!

I have never had a problem with anyone I have ever worked for and I have never been treated the way my managers and coworkers have treated me. I was so sick from the harassment that I finally quit today when I was told by the store manager Craig that he needed me to tell him I was not coming back to work. The way he put it, he really gave me no choice. He was not willing to do anything about the situation and told me so himself! Being a single parent and the only means of support for my daughter this was the last thing that I wanted to have to do!

I am a very honest and hard working woman. I follow company rules to the letter and get along with most people. I am well liked and have friends that I have know for many years. The treatment I got from Managers employed by Petco is beyond belief! There was never any intervention offered and I was told by Craig that it was my problem and to deal with it!

Offender: Petco
Country: USA   State: New York   City: Queensbury
Address: 578 Aviation Rd
Phone: 5187616979

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