The Natural Sapphire Company

I learned my lessons the hard way. I bought from The Natural Sapphire Company and experienced embarrassment of life time; made myself to appear like a stingy idiotic boyfriendDo you want to go the same path? I bought a sapphire engagement ring for staggering $9700 in platinum; studded with pink sapphire; emulating Kate Middleton engagement ring design.Purchase date 23Rd Jan order No. 10786. from The Natural sapphire Company. Paid by Credit Card. Its photograph on the web site of Natural sapphire Company shined as if its a jewelry from heaven . A piece of exquisivity ; a marvel ; perfect to make my engagement a memorable life time moment The order was received; but just a day before my engagement; what I got was terrible piece of crap. Craftsmanship was worst then the imitation jewelry, stone looked like plastic marble I returned it; got my refund back; but hey do you want to do this? Return the engagement ring after engagement? I had a mouthful of abuses to owner of Natural Sapphire Company one Michael Arnstein who seems to be habituated to complaints and kept parroting that he will give the refund; I got the refund but lost the most memorable moment I goggled for the The Natural sapphire Company complaints and here is what I found ; (below is the compilation by some another pissed off consumer) Looks like these guys issue false Press releases and make videos for self-generated publicity 1) There are at least 700-800 complaints registered against Natural Sapphire company by aggrieved customers 2) Most of the recognized Color stone forums like have expelled The Natural Sapphire Company for its dodgy sales tactics 3) The Natural Sapphire company legally doesnt exist ?. It has no registration 4) Recently their fraudulent claim over the generic name The Natural sapphire Company is rejected by Trade Mark authority.. 5) The Natural Sapphire Company Owner Michael Arnstein is carrying criminal charges on him 6) Buying from The Natural Sapphire Company through Credit card is extremely risky process as their CC process is not safe 7) The sapphires which they sale is almost 500% over priced then market rate (fake sapphires overpriced double whammy ) 8) The Natural Sapphire Company is not a member of AGTA American Gem Stone Association 9) The Natural Sapphire Company and Its owner project itself deceitfully as jeweller for Royalty of UK". In reality they are just the fake replica makers of Kathy Middleton engagement sapphire ring 10)visit www:.naturalsapphirecompany?.net to get full expose on NSC.

Offender: The Natural Sapphire Company
Country: USA   State: New York   City: New York
Address: 6 East 45th Street, 20th Floor,New York, NY 10017
Phone: 2128691165

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