Mispelled my company's name TWICE and refused to give a full refund. Internet

Legalzoom couldnt even spell my companys name right.

I didnt want to spend the time to file my LLC and EIN myself so I thought that Legalzoom would

be quick, easy, and I wouldnt have to worry about any mistakes, how wrong I was. When I received my EIN and LLC paperwork back the companys name was misspelled on BOTH in two completely different ways, but all the emails they sent me had the companys name correct (so I obviously didnt enter it wrong). I emailed them about the issue on the 17th and received an auto-generated email stating that someone would be in contact with me within 1 business day but I didnt receive a response until 5 days later on the 22nd I received another email only stating that a specialist had been assigned to my account. 3 days after that on the 25th I received an email telling me that I should just call customer service (and not even anyone in particular), it took them over a week to just tell me that and the 25th was a Saturday and they dont have weekend hours, so I couldn't even call them that day.

So I wait a few days until customer service is open. I wait on hold for about 40 minutes for someone

to answer (funny when I was placing my order someone called me immediately and was there to answer my questions but when I have problems no one answers). So they have an option for someone to call you back, so I push 1 for someone to call me back, no one did.

So I sent another email asking for a refund of the $800 I spent to have this done. Then I magically get a call from Mary from escalations. She wants to file an amendment for me which would take 8-10 business days. In Illinois it takes about 2 business days to file for an LLC online. So I told her no, I just want a refund so I could file myself. She said shed refund their fee but wouldnt refund the $600 filing fee. At this point she became very rude. After I got off the phone with her I talked to an Assistant Manager Johnny at ext. 7282. I wanted Johnny to give me a full refund but he had to talk to escalations but promised me he would call me back that day. I still havent heard from Johnny either. I received another call from Mary after that, where she still never gave me an extension to call her back at, but Mary was even ruder than before. I told her to give me a refund or I was going to file a dispute with the credit card company, she told me go ahead. I also left a message for Patty Chikamagalur ext 8720, the Customer Care Manager that was responding to all the complaints on and but she didnt call me back either.

I really dont want Legalzoom touching anymore of my legal documents. If they cant even spell my companys name right I dont want to know what else they messed up. Plus if there was an issue with my filing, with the run-around Ive been receiving so far I cant imagine trying to get them to correct something else they may have messed up. Thankfully though, since they spelled my companys name wrong, my real companys name is still available for me to file for the LLC and EIN myself (which I should have done from the start).

So save yourself the money and aggravation and avoid Legalzoom.

Offender: LegalZoom
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 8007730888

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