Regent University
And conspiracy hate group from 7-Eleven

I was a student at Regent University School of Law in 1999. Since that time, my passport and other personal belongings were stolen by Regent University Officials. I made a police report and wrote a complaint letter to OCR (Office for Civil Rights) under US Department of Education. That is the reason the University didn't want to release my diploma certificate. In 2006, a second year law student filed a law suit against Regent University School of Law. His lawyer asked me to join his complaint to ABA.

I was allowed to get my diploma certificate at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. When I worked on my papers, my computer flash drives were stolen many times. It was identical to what I encountered at Regent University School of Law. I put this incidents on my facebook, and that is the reason my former field consultant asked me to work for her favorite franchisee store. I am not willing to work for her because she treated unfairly me in the past. When I made an order, she said you cheated.

This is defamation and dicriminatory. I accepted that job because I am responsible to support my families. The said store got rob twice in the first month of our assignment. I am sure that this has a connection with conspiracy hate group. Before I need to send the draft of my dissertation, my flash drive was stolen. I reported this to my advisor and my neighbor said he found somewhere. I never leave my flash drive outside.

I tied my flash drive to my pant all times. It is needless to say that he went into my house and stole it. This must be warrantless searching into my house. Three months ago, I called my cell phone from my landline, and it went to Regent University. I called my cellphone provider (Verizonwireless), they confirmed that my phone was tapped by ext. 4047 of Althea Kime formerly known as Bishard. In addition to this, the McLane delivered twice a week before, however, now once a week on my schedules means I had to do more than before.

Last week, we had a big lot of McLane, and I needed to finish those before end of my shift. On that day my wife was working with me, and a customer approched me to take care of him with impolitely. I told him I needed to finish up this, so my wife would be able to take care of you. The next day someone went into my house and stole my flash drive again. They thought I didn't have the copy of my paper, but I still have in my editor's account. It is clear that who is playing the scene of this conspiracy hate group.

Yesterday, I found my flash drive on my refrigerator where I never put at that place. This morning my employer asked me to sign a paper saying I ignored a customer to take care of him, and I told him what I have mentioned above. I am sure that this 7-Eleven has a connection with Regent University as a conspiracy hate group and racism. Please help me stop this this illegal discriminatory. Thanks.

Offender: Regent University
Country: USA   State: Virginia   City: Virginia Beach
Address: 1000 Regent University Dr
Phone: 7572262797

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